Drone bugs or working as intended?

I know you wanna make life hard for botters but this is getting ridiculous…
last two hours I’ve had to retarget and manually engage my drones for every single NPC in the anomaly…

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and not to mention…
for the past several months drones randomly stop attacking, split targets, or just generally get vaporized by drone battleships in 2 seconds flat - what? do the rats have tech that allows ALL their weapons to track instantly - with 100% accuracy??? This is just too annoying at this point.
(ye I’ve always ticked focus fire and agressive drones)


Just another one of the many bugs currently infesting the game.


not even a joke though - got the ticks to prove it and everything…
but ye, hilarious in some way(s)
(and ye, I made that by tabbed back and forth from my other alt retargeting the drones every 20 minutes to see if this was actually something that was recurring - maybe I should have been sitting there targeting retargeting for every drone manually - maybe thats the new thing from CCP now? Maybe I just didnt read the email / memo ??


I usually get at least 10-14 mill ticks so… dearest CCP, maybe you could consider owing me some ISK…??

  • or were you intending to bore me to tears??? :confused: :open_mouth:

Obviously they are Rogue Drones :crazy_face:

Drones have had a mind of their own dating back to even Red Moon Rising expansion (2005).

I wouldn’t expect drones to be fixed any time soon.


Spot on. Rogue Drones fighting - wait for it: Rogue Drones :smiley:

They’ve always done this part, drones on aggressive will go for anything attacking you, and unless directed to will choose a random target, focus fire has always been a bit wobbly when combined with it when there’s multiple NPCs doing damage. If an NPC isn’t damaging you, or them, they’ll stop attacking.

Ah, when they used the synaptic patterns of Felis catus as the basis for the AI

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ye no, what I meant to say was that they do NOT agress, and do NOT focus fire even when both those are ticked ( as they always are on my ships) . and what was “special” this time was no matter how many times I retarget them against the rats, they ceased hostilities after killing a single NPC even though there were half a dozen others right on top of them in the field still shooting at my orbiting ship.

Cat based AI, they’re bored and want to sleep, see my edited post.

but seriously, raise a bug report if you haven’t already done so.

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I was thinking about it ye, but I wanted to have fun venting it here - just in case there was no isk/compensation to be had :smiley: I dont take it that seriously, but hey - I sure hope this isnt any kind of “new normal” in ANY sense of the term…

I dunno. Having been a heavy drone user I can’t say I notice them acting any differently lately vs before.

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Good to know - I was afraid it was getting worse - seemed like it for me. So then this is probably just me experiencing the randomness everyone does (the more extreme ends of it - or so it felt like) .
That’s at least some kind of relief. :smiley:

Yea the only change I recall was the npc changing targets years ago.

I recently tried geckos. Yea I know I have a ton from past giveaways but never got around to trying them. They seem the worst in terms of not focusing fire

felt like the rats/rogue drones were ‘eating’ my drones at a faster rate/ noticeably more often than last year as well, but there’s the eject from ship work around, or session change maybe for that, so I’ll try testing now if it recurs and then try if ejecting and boarding ship again works in this case as well. I seriously dont expect this to be happening often or on a regular basis .

I don’t fight much with drones lately, but the only change I’ve noticed is that some of my characters have their drone SH/Arm/Struc health bars show while inside the drone bay, and some show nothing but the drone name. (No health meters)

The only chars currently using drones are in high sec fighting standard NPCs though (not Trigs for instance) so maybe it depends what you’re fighting for the targeting issues. Or try setting them on Aggressive and then docking and undocking or something.

Drones may act strangely if next enemy is outside of your drone control range. Orbit closer, scoop/relaunch drones every wave if there are multiple waves of enemies for initial aggro, use ewar (TPs or webs) to generate more “aggro” to keep NPCs on you instead of drones.

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