Help drone

Hello all …

I have a problem with my drones they are constantly attacked and lost drone… its driving me crazy.

That today a game like eve is not able to remake AI drones …

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give more context man
in which situation? sleepers? hi sec? new event sites? etc
nothing has really changed for me, i have done several combat sites two days ago and my dominix drones were targeted sometimes, most often they were not, so…

Drones are remote weapons platforms, their AI is only just smarter than the average goldfish.

What they aren’t is capable of looking after themselves, until you learn to manage them they’re going to keep dying.

This is by design and drone aggro is working as intended, it’s also well documented.


How dare you sir, my Goldfish would challenge you to a duel if it wasn’t so busy bumping into the tank wall.


try ro eject from ship in space and board again. its known bug.


If the bug is known why CCp does not correct it?

Do you know what “aggro” is?

It’s not a bug. You have to take care of your drones.
When it’s taking damage, you need to pull it and replace it.

That’s all there is to it.

There is a bug which can make it impossible.

No that’s not.
As people already wrote, ejecting in space can fix that bug.

Likely because it’s very costly to fix it.

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Personally I’d rather they were like a Babel Fish if I have the option…


Aww, I’m sorry. Can you not just rat AFK 24/7 with your drones anymore?


That is a lie, good sir, my goldfish bumps into the tank wall in order to gain experience and become a better Tank. A few more years and my goldfish will become a level 47 Paladin.


The only person who can help your drones is you.

If youre looking for a robot to do all the work for you, then buy a Bot off the darkweb and use it to play EVE and get banned.

Oh, I’m pretty sure that CCP could remake the drone AI to be much smarter and kill all rats without any input from players.

The question is, would that be good for the game?

No, it wouldn’t. Manual tasks are part of the gameplay. Automation would kill that gameplay.

Drone window
Hamburger icon
Set to passive
Set to group

Micromanage better

I hope Google translate allows you to read this.

As I remember, drones used to be safe as rats would target you. That was changed so that you had to manage your drones as rats would now also target your drones.

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really drones are slowly going the way of hull tanking for general use. Just get used to it. Train Missiles, turrets, other weapons that will give you an edge. I actually usually load up a raven with lights and run missions, works well as dessy/frigate swarms are hard with cruise missiles, but if you use t1 drones the rats die fast and you loot more drones.

If the drones you are using are larger then the rats they are attacking they will almost always get aggro and sooner then later end up dead! So if your up to using heavy drones you need to get yourself into a harder combat site! You could also use light drones and a combination of Missiles and or guns to destroy the smaller rats.

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