Problems with drones

They attack randomly, despite the settings.
After that, they do not listen to the commands and continue to attack their own target.


I’m experiencing the same error. A drone will choose a target to auto attack, but when you want your drones to change targets, they will remain on their chosen target and will not listen to “Engage Target” command.

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Also, when you launch drones and want to send them all to attack one target, right clicking the “drones in space” header to have all drones engage only sends one drone and the others have to be engaged manually.


I’m having the same problem with my toons using PhotonUI. It’s VERY annoying and making drone boat ratting unbearable.


Can confirm. Drones seem to have a mind of their own. Even set to passive, they went and attacked Edencom Gunstars in multiple sites and systems. It was enough for us to prohibit launching them until fixed.

N. Kondur
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Drones have always had a bit of a Will of their own. I’ve had them set to aggressive focus fire and seen them split to three different targets.

When they are not listening to you asking them to engage a specific target is it possible some Ewar is acting on them limiting what they can target or their targeting range?

I am having the exact same issue, if you try and give directions to a group of drones only the top drone responds and you need to manually engage the remaining drones, makes drone ratting darn near impossible.

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Honestly how is this taking 11+ days to resolve?

Just raising a hand to add myself to the headcount. Drones broke. Only work on the old ui…


Also getting an issue where you launch multiple drones, instruct them to attack a target and only one drone out of the number attacks, the rest just sit there.


This is really annoying, please fix it

AI drones are developing self conciousnes and ignoring orders, this is a good sign. Eventually they will blow up their masters and join a drone colony.

Same for me - only first drone is attacking when group instructed to engage, rest have to be individually sent


When will this be fixed?

I’m having the exact same issue with all my characters. This started for me with the 8/9/22 patch. Please CCP help.

I used to be able to split my drones damage like selecting 2, then click-drag-engage and then all the drones selected engaged in combat;; Now only the first on the list engages while the other one stays “idle”

The drones are resisting , rebelling against their masters.

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Anyone got a video of this? Haven’t repeated myself.

Conformed that no matter how you select to attack it will only send one drone and the rest of the drones will auto aggro something. I have to manually select the other 4 drones individually to attack the target. Even if I manually select all drones only one goes to that target and the rest use their auto aggro.

Please fix this asap!