Drones not engaging

Have noticed in the last week or so that my drones in PVE are not following engage orders. Also only one drone will engage an enemy while the remainder of the flight will continue to orbit my drone boat. In addition a flight of 5 drones will split up to attack multiple targets rather than focusing fire on the primary.

Any ideas?

I would reset the cache as a first step.

Seems to be a known issue.

Have you tried to warp to sun, leave the ship for few seconds and board again? Known fix for messy NPC aggro on drones. Might be worth trying with this also.

I remember it being mentioned few times so probably known issue

Are you using photon UI?

reported several times in “known issues” thread . had this myself , use hot-keys until it’s fixed .

this has been happening for years and is related to the drone AI when they’re allowed to select their own next target . two or more drones select different targets at the same time .

I have had this issue to and bug reported. This happened after I switched to Photon.

Yea have noticed this myself, reporting it as well

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