Vizks feedback and wishlist!

Hello ! I’s been ages since my last feedback post so here’s a new one (possible wall text warning):

I’ve turned Photon UI instantly as it was available and I actually had to turn it off a couple times to access a few things that weren’t available in Photon mode. I cannot make a list of such things because there were small details like a button bad placed or not placed at all, and, most of them were fixed already.

However, I am a dev myself for other applications and I know how valuable is someone is like “dude, this needs fixing now !”, so here is what I’ve taken note:

I completely hate the new drone window system, the active drones listed from bot to top in an irreducible tab which you can only minimize and thus lose sight of your drones. You see, as my own experience, as always: when I see a drone being damaged, I send it back to drone bay (cheers on easy access mini buttons there), so the drone comes back to my ship, but, after that drone is safe in bay, I want to launch a replace of that one drone, the rest of the drone window is taken by the active drones tab, so to find another drone in bay that isn’t damage, I need to minimize the active drones tab, so I can see the drones in bay, this gets worse if they drones in bay are in subgroups, which makes me have to open and close each group till I finally find one I’m willing to launch, and while all this is happening, what did you say my active drones are doing ?. The easy solution I found is to critically increase the drone window size to the point I can see both, active drones and drones in bay tabs at the same time, which is like… well, the house’s windows too big and I cannot reduce it but I also need another window by it’s side to see the outside properly… and I run out of house wall to put those windows, I also need to constantly open / close one or the two and this is annoying.

Another thing: Photon “compact mode”. Most of the windows where this is implemented are fine, but there are others where the difference with normal mode is almost undetectable, and in some cases the content removal to make it actually smaller did remove content was was pretty useful. Give ya examples: places window, in compact mode don’t reduce the content itself but replace big buttons for smaller ones, yet the window’s size is the same since the text they contain is the same size, ok, but, in compact, buttons like the X close are removed, so to actually close the windows I need to click on the … button, there select close… I mean, so much to ask to leave the close button next to the … one ?. The compact ship cargo window removes the cargo used / cargo max text, it still keeps the bar with the percentage, I won’t argue if the cargo used is handy or not, but when you keep switching ships from frigates to haulers you tend to lose notion of how big is your cargo, I found myself hovering the small bar so much that I just tend to keep the compact mode off for this reason. Also, in space, in compact mode this is no loot all button… like… I kill something, I want to loot it’s wreck and I found myself having to do it manually and not sure if the loot will fit in my cargo due to my mention before, so I am kinda forced to keep my cargo window in normal mode when I’d love to actually minimize it to the minimum since there are reasons why I want it open all the time.

Last comment to prevent massive post skipping: if you apply the Photon frame to everything, except a few things which require special size / contrast, etc. mind including things like the FPS monitor, AIR window, skills, ships, map, activity tracker, etc. I know the frame is active, but those lack things like light background, lock position and size, window reset option, I’ve been wanting a lock in the FPS widow for ages and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon, same as the activity tracker light background or the ability to resize the skills window skills browser vs skills queue, they only resize with windows size following the proportion, but depending how you actually scale it, at minimum size horizontally you will end up having a uselessly large queue line and a compacted skills names list that takes ages to navigate properly.

Alright, posted and done. I salute ya !

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