Drone window problems

Problems I’ve seen that need to be addressed:

-Resizing the window doesn’t ever hits some max size for drones in your bay, it just keeps extending that section, so you cant extend it enough to accommodate how large it will need to be once you deploy your drones. Once you do deploy drones, you either have to start scrolling that little window to see all of them, or then resize your window yet again.
Resolution: When resizing have window not extend the deployed drones section all the way to the bottom, have it always sit right below the drones in your bay.

-Drone icons take up way too much space, taking up valuable screen real estate, it has to use twice as much space to see all my drones as it used to
Resolution: remove the drone icons from deployed drones, basically revert them back to how they were shown pre-photon UI

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I came to the feedback to report the same issue actually.
Using compact mode does not shrink the drone displays for drones active in space. Only shrinks the display for drones still in the bay.

Drone icons problem is fixed by a setting change, documented in this post:
Drone icons in Drones tab - #2 by Lazarus_Mcnair

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