Suggestion for drone UI

New photon UI is ok but a bit bulky (too big margins on all windows). Drone window is massive if you want to see everything.

I have a suggestion for the drone window. Since you can only have 5 drones max, why not have them displayed like this?

That would be way too complicated and ambiguous with the health bars so close to each other. It would also require a minimum width of the window that is much wider than what we currently have. The action buttons are also tiny which makes them useless or require bigger drone icons and thus even more window width.
Furthermore, there is one ship that can have 10 drones in space. Arguably, the Guardian Vexor is not used a lot these days, but it still exists.

See thes tiny buttons and how close the side health bars are to each other?

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Good picture you made there. Personally I find the healthbars OK - but a professional CCP would have to minmax the space ofc.

True that the minimum width must be set wider. You win a ton of lateral space though. Good tradeoff?

Minimum width usefullness today is widely dependant on drone name length if you want to see the status of the drone.

The buttons (attack, recall, etc) are too small no matter how you twist it, agree. Perhaps hoverover is the remedy.

Guardian Vexor could just have a fallback on list view, no biggie.

That is an issue with the UI. The status shouldn’t be hidden just because the name is too long. It should fade over the name. That has been a problem with the old UI as well and should be something CCP fixes with Photon.

Matter of taste. This setting would maybe save 2 drone rows at the cost of a window that’s 1 or 2 drone icons wider. Personally, I prefer a slightly taller than a wider window.

Agree on the status. Should be in front of name, preferably an icon, if old UI is to be kept.

I’m thinking the final product should be able to be fit inside 2, maybe 2,5 list elements. Slightly taller and wider than 5 module buttons. This would eliminate 4 list items in lateral space.

Personally I have no need for the folder to appear in the “Drones in space” section. If you have several folders and launch from more than one, the list length varies which is really bad.

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Agreed, plus I’d drastically reduce the spacing between lines, but that applies to most of Photon UI

Only problem I have with new window is health bars hiding drone state because of the long names for faction drones. And only option is to have window extremely wide.
I would prefer having small dot with different color in front of the drone name as indicator (or in the corner of drone icon) , or maybe icons like :crossed_swords: :rewind: :arrows_counterclockwise: would be better for people who are color blind.

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