Drone icons in Drones tab

Dear Eve,

Can there be something done about the drones interface.
With the icons of the drones now added. The tab take much more space on your screen.
Is it possible to remove the drones icons.

Now i can’t see the health of all my 5 drones and because this, i need to scroll every now and the to check on there health.


If there’s an option to remove the icon, i will appreciate this.

Best regards,


The Drone tab is set in Icons mode by default, but you can readily change this to a normal list view using the menu drop down. I had the same complaint today but figured it out.


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If you preferred the old UI you can revert back by pressing Escape then Feature Previews and disable it.

Then you need to restart for it to apply.

Way ahead :wink:

I won’t completely knock the new UI. 50% of the complaints being raised lately are pilots simply not understanding how to adjust the default layout. Like the thread complaining they can’t view the left pane in their hangar inventory - there’s literally an option to compress/expand it… Much of the existing UI behavior still functions - unfortunately folks are too used to their ways and were blindsided by the defaults in Photon having been forced on everyone this last patch (dirrrrty)

Long story short. Switch back lol

That’s part of the problem. CCP needs some tutorial videos to explain “This is how we changed your UI and here is how you can try to change it back a little bit.” They’re so obsessed with the new player experience that they forgot to address the old player experience.

Its like “Why is the image being shown?!” We the players know what the drones look like; we don’t need to constantly see them.

I didn’t read your statement. However, I will say this; the Photon UI has changed things that shouldn’t have been changed to be the default; this Drone issue is one such case, why does it even have two ‘view modes’?

Drones have been in “List” mode for… Let’s see… 10 years or more. Well, that is about how long I have been playing the game.

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