Compact fleet finder?

If you’re still looking for ways to improve the Photon UI, please make the fleet finder window more compact.


I could swear I was able to see a bigger list of potential fleets with a fleet window this size before Photon UI.

I can only see two fleets at a time now, and have to scroll a long time to find what I want.

I rarely care about all the settings in the red box, which means a lot of space in this window is wasted for a text message for a single toggle.

This isn’t very efficient use of space.

CCP is still working on Photon? :thinking:

By the way: If you enjoy a funny game of whack-a-mole, set your Window Margin Size from Compact to another setting and watch the tabs get much narrower. That will give you more room in the content area … until you close the window. Reopen it; you’ll be amazed. :joy:

No idea, but it still could use some improvements, like these. :smiley:

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If they decided to halt the work in UI, in a UI-centric game**, then they’re beyond redemption.

** [as you literally can play this game most of the time with the 3D rendering off, AS WE EXPLICITLY HAVE THAT OPTION]

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