Horrible. I tried to force myself to use this for several weeks. Had to disable it.... logged in to find CCP has enabled it for me.... NO. GO AWAY


I can’t fit the UI on my screen as it is. I don’t have room for this giant extra chunky UI version. I’m not playing on a cellphone i don’t need a mobile app UI.

  • Why is there a GIANT fleet icon in the upper left corner of the Fleet window? it does absolutely nothing. Its just a graphic sitting there taking up space for no reason at all. it squishes the tabs so that i can’t read them. Why is it there?

  • Why did you put the 3 dots menu on the upper right corner? You can just make the fleet icon tiny and use the fleet icon as the menu instead. Why make 2 buttons and disable the biggest button and have the biggest button not be a button at all. A nd then try to cram a second button in there on the other side? Why? Why? i don’t understand? What is the functional reasoning for this?

  • all of the borders are thick and chunky and huge and massive and taking up space.

This is just another “update” that has made things worse. You’re just changing things for change’s sake. There’s nothing being solved with this new UI. There is only new problems being introduced.

can we just revert back to like 5 years ago when the char & skills window were combined into a nice little compact window that was usable? Now i have to scroll around and use the search button to find anything.

Why is there a giant 3d render of my character taking up half the screen when i want to look at my jumpclones? I don’t need that.

Remember 5 years ago when they added the 3d render of the character’s head at the top? We used to have a button to hide it.

You just took that annoyance and made it worse and permanent with no button to hide it. Thanks for that.

Remember 5 years ago when we had the market orders in the wallet window? That was nice and useful and compact and a good synergy for combination into a window…

But then you decided to make extra windows for no reason. Just more windows to dig through every time i use eve. Thanks for that.

Nobody making this game plays it.

aesthetically , it looks great. honestly. It all genuinely looks nice. its just a ■■■■■■■ nightmare to use. Please stop it


Some of the windows have ‘compact’ versions that waste slightly less space, but still are wasting more space than the old UI. Maybe try those?

I agree about the 3D render that we cannot remove, it’s annoying. Don’t think that’s part of the new UI though, that was an older change already.

yeah the render isn’t new, but its just another thing on the list of bad UI changes. I got a lil triggered today lol

I can not for the life of me figure out why they’ve spent the last decade making the UI harder and harder to use with every update. It’s like they hired some mobile app developers out of college with no real world experience and told them to make a desktop UI.

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Completely agree, yet another “improvement” thats worse than the original in pretty much every way.

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