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I’ve been playing since 2016 give or take never missed a sub i loved the game every month. Today i logged in and I was struck with an issue. I can’t seem to opt out of some nightmare that started when scanning the wormhole only to find no way to get my probes back seems the button is gone. Once i was out I seen my route and had to click open the info of each system as the color setup was broken. On and on this went for almost everything I wanted to do.
I took many other larger changes without a word as an indi player, but this stuck in my mouth as it was shoved down.
I logged off for the first time not intending to come back and feeling dirty.


Good bye. Get used to Photon, help improve it with constructive feedback and suggestions or leave it. The old UI won’t come back.

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Syzygium You should read this topic and compare what the players want to change and what CCP has made of it at release.

Maybe you misunderstood my point. It does absolutey not matter how much Photon differs from what people have suggested, how much people will complain here at the forums, threaten to unsub or whatever. The switch to Photon was a development decision that is fixed and will not change no matter what. Nobody can change that path, not the players, not the CSM, nobody.

So either help working on making Photon better by being constructive or accept what Photon offers or leave the game. There are no other options. The old UI will not come back.

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yeah ive not been back. Its fine no loss to me. The reason i came here is that most dont and are never heard

he actually is helping by saying it is bad, which like 95% of the people so far are saying, so if you do think it is good, you are the vast minority, congrats!

I also agree it’s not very enjoyable nor streamlined. Clearly you may have been one of the 95% that is incapable of creativity and didn’t set your UI up a specific way at all so this is great because it makes up for a lack of imagination, CCP designed your UI layout ! NICE! CCP doesn’t play eve, shouldn’t be designed UI features for it tbh. Like when half your dev staff in a demo don’t know how to undock or what bastion is etc etc (from Bjorn Video) it’s rather scary, they don’t even know whats best for themselves for when they play let alone the entire population of Eve Online.

Additionally, as a Dev myself I am more focused on addressing community problems in my sector of work vs what “I” think is a good idea. CCP has a terrible habit of trying to “fix” things that are not broken at all vs addressing issues that have plagued Eve Online for years in some cases. So this UI also speaks a ton to the overall management process and work dedication process of the Devs, They clearly don’t value what people complain about or they would be fixing those things… not adding features no one asked for…

All in all, it’s a poor allocation of resources for a project most people do not like (I know you got forum warriors over here supporting CCP but in game “Imperium” at least idk who you’re talking too but we don’t like the new UI. Everything is massive, even in compact mode, the buttons are not intuitive AT ALL, not to mention I get extremely poor FPS now vs being just fine for the remember-able pass. I get it CCP, you want all this development hours and investment money to be realized but don’t force your players to use some garbage to make up for your short comings, much appreciated.

I will never support this UI, in fact since I multibox 15 accounts I can say with absolute certainty I will not give them another $200 until I can actually play the game because the vomit that has become my UI across all my accounts nearly makes it impossible to mine the way I had just a week ago.

Just my two cents after 17 years of game play. o7

Doesn’t matter what I believe. I think its good in some aspects and worse than the old on in other aspects. And hopefully they fix the downsides, because - guess what: the old UI will not come back.

Agreed, i have no interest in logging in again.

The first time Photon was announced, I opted in on the test server, gave feedback about the many things I didn’t like and opted out again.

The second time when Photon was announced to the wider public and became available to all on the main server, I opted in, noticed some of my earlier concerns were adressed, gave more feedback about the many things I still didn’t like and opted out again.

The third time Photon was shown to a wider public was when opt in became the default option, and people had to choose to opt out. I noticed most of my early problems of Photon were gone, gave more feedback and stayed opted in just to see if I could get used to it, as it became apparent that the old UI would soon be removed.

Now, the fourth time a large photon update hit is the removal of the opt-out button.

CCP can finally let go of the old UI that was holding development back, and build new UI features on the new foundation that is Photon.

Is Photon better than the old UI? I wouldn’t say so, I liked the old UI better and Photon still has some issues, but it’s also still in development. Photon does however allow CCP to go forward with new UI updates, which is why they replaced the old UI.

Long story short:

  1. Photon is here to stay.
  2. Old UI was holding development back, which us why it’s turned off now
  3. If you want Photon to adapt to your wishes, maybe provide feedback, not ‘I quit’-threads?

How much more feedback that that’s already been ignored do we have to give CCP?

The same issues mentioned numerous times are still in place. I don’t have much faith in CCP finishing what they’ve forced on us, that would be out of character for them. I guess I’m a quitter, after I gave Photon several tries to bend into a shape where it was usable for me & couldn’t get it there.

Of all the hostile things in Eve, the UI shouldn’t be one of them.


You will like the Photon UI and thats final.


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All the feedback is there, no effort is being given to deliver, people are frustrated. They are conducting an experiment as far as i can tell.

You can’t.

Nobody at CCP is reading any of this.

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