People/Contacts Search

Menu is now hidden, and should be unhidden with visible options and selections. Makes it difficult to search for players or corporations/alliances.


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Or, and hear me out here, opt out of it like 90% of the rest of us have. Problem solved…

I am anticipating that this will become the mandatory UI, so probably best to address problems now.


Opting out and pointing out all the annoying issues and inconsistencies to tell CCP why you opted out is the way to go. I doubt it because it has not happened yet but maybe that UI dev sees reason after all the backlash from all the new people giving feedback on the new Ui, which is overwhelmingly bad. That has to tell this guy something. If not… well… it would be typical for CCP.

The crazy thing here is that this is a button but it doesn’t look like a button. CCP intentionally introduces inconsistencies in the new UI while they keep saying that this UI is supposed to fix inconsistencies.

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