Photon UI, Feedback, options instead of forcefully implement?

Hello everyone,

Personally I think that the new UI doesnt add anything to the table.
Aside from old people/players will aways complain me personally and many others fail to see the advantages of the new UI aside from beign new. Personally I feel like its aimed for the children expeciallly with the bright colours but lets be honest here … thats probably not the dealbreaker for kids to play this game…

The idea of changing the specific colors of null sec or similar seems like nice idea to me but badly implemented. How I would asssume people would be more welcoming is “give us options!”
Like it was already mentioned in other post there is reason why there is a option to opt out of the new map. after X years …
Same could be done with the UI and I dont see any reason not to… aside from cost for CCP to maintain the old UI.

Points that are my suggestion to make this UI better:
-for now probably just roll back from it … and give us option to roll out and make photon UI standard
-give us options to resize the menus and chat windows, I dont see any balance issues
-give us options to maybe even change the colour of security systems, or the scheme of the UI.
-many of the people that play this game lets be honest are probably over 25+ and we probably dont like such high intesity colours because it takes the attention away from the game… maybe tone down the intesity or even better let us adjust the intesity so it suits our tastes …
*-add option to squeeze the text inside of the chat window to fit (chat names)

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There is no old UI, Enjoy new UI I mean only UI.

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