I can pay 10 years of subscription for old UI

Players should be able to choose, i mean i get that photon UI is better for old players since everything is bigger and stuff. But i don’t wanna play like this. Can u just put old ui into NES so we can buy it pls?


The new UI looks good. The only thing it’s missing is the button to switch it back to the old one.


I still can’t belive they actually paid coders for this. If have so much money why not spend it on better servers so we don’t disconnect everytime there’s a big fight in null sec.


Don’t get me wrong, it does look pretty alright. Very modern and sleek.

But I’ve been playing this game for 11 ■■■■■■■ years. I don’t want change, I want my old Eve back.


They should allow players to pick which ui they would like to use. Forcing all of us to use photon ui is just bullying ur own community for no reason.


I just started my mining windows and my computer shut down, thanks ccp

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Better get used to it, in 5 years they might add button to switch to old one.

Problem is, guys who play more than 1 client will have to upgrade their iron or just leave, and considering great streak of ‘we’re gonna deal with this problem later’ changes to things that previosly worked perfectly… well.

You can have both if only CCP had more competent developers like Karkur to work on features.

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If people could opt-out there would be cold hard factual evidence a lot of people prefer not to use it, meaning the dev time spent on it might be called into question.

Instead they discontinue the old ui and can claim everyone uses the new one and as barely anyone comes to the forums they can also claim only a fraction of a percent of the playerbase has issues with the new ui thus it is considered a success and dev time well spent.

This justifies their salaries and shows the investors they are fulfilling their jobs.

If you could opt-out of the new ui this would be jeopardized thus they can and must not allow that for their own sake.

So if you are wondering why, this is their reason.



shield or armor?
brawler or kitter?
mwd or afterburner?
scram o warp disruptor?
photon ui o… ? wait, is there no option? oh my god


We still have a choice. Don’t play. Don’t pay.

Vote with your wallet.


An interface without a choice is violence and arbitrariness. It was a good game, sorry.

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I do not understand why “forcing” the new one on us while we had the option to “disable” it all along, so why make that option and then suddenly forcing it on all anyway, makes no sense.

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If someone is going to hit you in the face, telling you they are going to do it beforehand doesn’t make it any less unpleasant when it happens.

Photon is shite.

Omega cancelled accordingly.

Hopefully if enough folks follow suit it might make a big enough dent in their revenue to shake them out of their hubris.


I wouldn’t leave but I just do not understand why they did not leave the old option on !! Wtf ?


It sucks! Get it off my client!


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