10-11-22 Photon ui update

Hi there, today is 10-11-2022, I’ve noticed today after downtime there has been another update to the photon ui, most of it is bearable but I’ve noticed one HUGE, egregious sin that someone keeps doing/it keeps having to be fixed but whoever is working on the photon ui can you PLEASE ask them to STOP moving important buttons. I went to go shoot a few rats and noticed the “loot all” / loot button on the inventory window is now completely on the opposite side for NO reason. and it’s even further away from the player than before. That button is BURNED into people’s minds where it should be. PLEASE move this button back and ask whoever is doing the updates to quit randomly moving important buttons that should not be moved randomly… especially if whomever is doing this does not play eve. or realize just how annoying this is.

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It seems that the photon ui was enabled by default… I hate it, it looks and feels terrible… Like a mobilephone game… Thank GOD I can disable it still…


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