Soon Unplayable

Hello Devs.
Just a heads up.
With the arrival of Photon UI and a few graphics add-ons came more game freezes and stuttering.
The problem isn’t going away and is actually getting much worse.
My computer runs every one of my other games perfectly, even the ones still in Early Access that have issues. Only EVE has problems on my PC.
There will come a point when players who experience that much problem running EVE will give up and go to other games instead of playing a game in slow motion.
Thought I let you know so when that happens you know why.


i have been trying to decide what i am going to do. As one of EVE]s few blind players i have reached a poiint where i basically log in to socialize with my alliance mates. the graphical changes and overview changes are just too much for me to deal with. All i want is a plain black background, bright white text that can be increased in size, and a mouse pointer that can be enlarged. All the rest of this stuff might be pretty to some, but for me it makes the game unplayaable. Oh yes, and transparent windows that keep opening on top of other widndow. not to mention the horrendous number of clicks it takes to do anything from log in to general gameplay. the gameplay is complex enough without dozens of addintional clicks and mouse moves to do something as simple as PI or compression. can we please get a less cluttered and visual based option.


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