About the Photon UI category

The Photon UI project aims to create a unified style for EVE Online’s user interface, improve consistency, create a better onboarding experience for new players, and reduce cognitive load for all players. We are focusing on quality-of-life updates like improved interaction feedback, unified functionality, and an updated sci-fi look.

Topics in these categories should be narrowly focused on on a single change or package of closely related changes. Creation of new topics will be highly moderated:

  • New topics should relate to a single change or a single package of related changes
  • Topic titles should clearly state the feature being discussed and may be updated by moderators for clarity
  • Opening new topics when a post on a subject already exists may be merged or removed
  • Discussions are expected to be related to the features being discussed. We want to hear your thoughts about the features and what you think could be improved. Off topic discussions will be removed by moderators.