Terrible, unusable, game breaking

I recently come back to Eve, but already thinking on leaving. There are many changes, but 99% of them are terrible, not sure if all of these are because of the new UI.

  • I open the ship tree, or the map, or basicly anything windowed menu, I close it and the user interface dies. Visually the previously opened window disappears, but fragments of it remains on the screen hidden and it makes controlling the ship, camera or anything important in space impossible, because if I click on an area in space which is technically “behind” the fragment of the previously opened window, the game will try to interact with the window. This is actually a game breaking bug, because someone can easily loose a fight if he find out mid-combat that oups parts of my display seems not working…

The game is just installed on a freshly installed windows 10 a day ago so no need for ■■■■■■■■ excuses.

  • The game performance is absolutely terrible. I notice that the graphics are 10% better at ultra, but oh my god, at what price? I can’t run the game in the same quality than before with the same setup. For me, and for many others without a nasa high end PC the game now has worse graphics as we can’t run it like we could some years ago. I took a look at the recommended system requirements and I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry… 16gb or more ram, 4gb vram… for this??? There are games with better graphics that can run on a toaster…

  • Mission system merged in to opportunities, not sure if in all cases or only at career agents. If I were a new player, I would instantly uninstall. The previous system was the best for new players because the game told them exactly what to do in the short mission description on the left side of the UI. The new one tries it as well in a fancy and extremely short and dumb way:

  1. Warp there.
  2. Listen to XY in space. (the UI dies here and the buttons in opportunities appears at least 4 seconds late).
  3. The UI simply ■■■■ at this point. It doesn’t even tell the player what to do exactly, but show three different healthbars. Well, there is only one red, I needed to talk a few secs earlier, I start shooting what’s the worst that can happen… Both three healthbars were for one enemy… The problem is that the icons and the description is not clear, and not even intuitive some times. It looks good, it looks better, but not usable. The old version was simply better, I can say perfect.

I just hope the “normal” missions are not ■■■■■■ up like the career agents. I don’t say this part of the game is unusable, but it’s definetly much, much worse experience than before.

And the next one is only partially the UI’s fault, it’s the sounds of the UI. Absolutely terrible. I accept, finish a mission in the career agents and the sound is like from a 30 year old office or some file organizer software. Windows 95 had similar happy beeps. What the hell is even that?

Overall, the Eve Online experience in 2024 is terrible. Clunky, terrible user interface, with shitty sound effects, extreme fps loss compared to previous versions, I have to use the game with worse graphics than before.

One last thing to whine about, altough it’s not exactly with the UI, is the basic camera settings. It’s like you want to get rid of new players as soon as possible. Ofc I started the game with changing half the standard settings, but since you changed the settings UI as well… and reorganized that menu, because someone in 30 minute manager meeting wanted to feel important with this retarded idea… anyway whenever I select a new target the camera instantly jumps to it. I couldn’t turn this ■■■■ feature off, maybe there is no way for it, or I just couldn’t find it in the new settings.

You do not need to change what is not wrong. The old UI was perfect, the old sounds were perfect, the old graphics were perfect. Add more content, or continue the remodelling of the old ships instead of broke more core parts of the game.

Update after day 2:

Problem 1: Today I couldn’t use the market. I opened the ship tree menu (after some hours of gameplay, that menu almost always makes the UI collapse), I checked some ships and their skins. When I wanted to check them on the market, the window appeared, but no buttons were usable. Somehow after a 3 minute fight it opened another window, I have no idea what, it was some kind of info panel, and it worked tho, except the close button. So I needed another 3 mintue fight to clear my screen. I needed to close everything one by one, and the game let me close all of them but only in a particular order.

Problem 2: Same day, I made the chat window to never show avatars. This destroyed the UI again. In the chat all users appeared some with avatars, some without avatars and they mixed together. I tried to open the chat settings, but the button stopped working. After 30 secs delay the chat settings appeared, but in the wrong area of the screen (top left, while the chat window was in the bottom right all the time) as many times as I previously clicked on it. At this point I thought the best if I close and reopen the game.

Problem 3: I can’t reopen the game. You ■■■■■■ up the launcher as well… Long ago, I just clicked on play and the game started and showed me the character selection. Now, it works differently, because of a ■■■■■■■ retard in CCP had a “great” idea in a meeting. The problem is that now I need to select character in the launcher and then start the game. However, when I closed the collapsed piece of ■■■■ you call game, the launcher still shows my account and I’m logged in, but my characters disappeard from there. I can only create a new one according to the launcher. (of course I can’t cause I already have two more alts in the account).

So all in all you ■■■■■■ up everything, you could ■■■■ up you incompetent bastards.

And just to clarify again: all other (AAA) games, runs perfectly fine on my PC, no hardware or internet problems and the whole system is a fresh installment. You just broke your launcher and the game itself.


The best thing you can do is to vote with your wallet.

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Turn your graphics down.

Problem solved.


Auto camera lock is a setting in the 5/6 button section left side of tank/cap display. Forget with one, click on it turn off camera target lock.

Sound rants…yeah, I must do this.

Eve has sound?

14 years of this meme for me, it never gets old. Face a decked out kiki on a fw site. You won’t need the audio warnings to say shields 25% left…or armour. Or hull…lol. It jsut happens…real fast.

If you didn’t get the warp out and tackled…just plan out the pod warp to your own soundtrack lol.

^ Shift + C to disengage camera auto tracking.
Don’t feel too proud to ask in Rookie Help like everyone else does.

^ Windows 10 doesn’t ensure the game will run smoothly. Much more often than not there are system requirements beyond the OS.

^ I don’t have one of those NASA PCs either. Mine is pretty darn mediocre even for back when I bought it 8 years ago, and there haven’t been any issues here, except, I have accumulated a bunch of garbage on my PC which has taken its toll and I must balance some of the settings to optimize the performance… like everyone else without those sweet NASA PCs does.

^ No. It is included in Opportunities, but still accessible via Agency.

^ Yah man, that one still gets me. It is hard getting used to new things, isn’t it.

In any case, this just seems like a long list of issues caused by your local system, and you have difficulties with picking up on new things (like most of us humans).
I don’t think you have to mix up the two and then attribute it to something else, but I know that having both issues at the same time can feel like the situation is exacerbated, and might often make it seem like a good idea to bicker about it on online forums.
EVE can be frustrating, but especially if you have to learn it all over again because of your long hiatus, but there are friendly ppl out here ready to help.
I would suggest submitting a support ticket if you are experiencing system issues which you feel can be fixed. Support often responds promptly with solutions which often work, or forward the issue so it might be patched.
In any case, good luck mate! I hope you overcome your hurdles!

For bickering about the “new” UI, try the other dedicated posts like:

or read about when the new UI was being integrated and check out other people’s bickering about it here:


Win 10? Everyone uses Win 11 nowadays.

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Win 10 here, installed 11, uninstalled it as I hated it.



TL;DR and user has shown his own incompetency by not providing a quick screenshot or if not possible a photo of the problem stated and by writing a complete essay about it instead.

How eve runs on my generation 1 m1 mabook air is very different to how it runs on linux, and different again to how it runs on windows. Putting linux to the side, my 30w MacBook Air runs eve better than a quad core 4.5 Ghz cpu with a 1060 in it. Sure, the desktop is old, but it is not that old. It was only la few years ago people were happy to get a 1080 just to be able to play anything.

How a program alters its UI can be make or break. When windows introduced the ‘ribbon ui’ it was universally reviled. Windows 8 phone ui was almost as unforgivable as windows ME.

Its not like the problems brought up are new, wish there was more feedback like this otherwise it will be another ‘red dot’ situation that never gets addressed.

All I can say is that I play EVE on a 2020 MacBook Air on Mid settings and it runs great. I can multibox miners and take nice photos. Maybe just do something else if you HATE the game so much. Or just deal with it bro.

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The OP is phisphing.