Im not a new player, but wtf

Okay, so Im using my drones against NPCs.

I have them set on Aggressive and focus fire.

They attack one target, but then the target moves on to my drones, and then suddenly they switch targets automatically to another guy attacking me. I have to manually set them back on track.

So i try setting them on Passive.

Now, when i get out of range of the NPC ships, my drones just stop shooting. They stand there. They have a 55KM control distance and we are well within it, so it shouldnt. But they do. They stop attacking and stand there like idiots.

So, what is the fix here? I want my drones to attack the guy i choose, without switching, and continuously, like they should be.


Sounds a bit like a server error. Like the server is struggling to pinpoint you / the NPC or something. I have a hazy recollection of reading about a similar issue ages back, where the server thought the ships were next to each other and was allowing the rats to make hits at 1000km or something. I could well be wrong, but rest assured drones should be acting how you think they should. Maybe try again tomorrow and if same issue make a ticket.

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Yeah, Drones.


My Drones act a little weird at times too.

After launching them, I’ll give the order to attack the locked target and after it’s destroyed sometimes they’ll follow my lead and attack the next locked target or just take off and attack one that’s furthest from my ship. Also at various times I’ve noticed 1 of my 5 Drones will split off from the pack and attack a different target.

I think CCP may have coded Drones to behave somewhat erratic in order to discourage AFK game play. Course they still prioritize their attacks first on Ewar NPC’s which is a good thing. And just like before if not watched, will pop triggers as well.

Just gotta pay a bit more attention to them now.

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I don’t think your problems are related to the OP’s problems. I think yours are probably to do with your turret cycle times, drone settings and server ticks. Basically your issues sound like normal drone issues we’re all used to, where as the OP has an actual problem that is not a normal part of the game. Definitely OP’s issues are not normal programmed gameplay.

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That makes me think it’s normal aggressive drone behavior combined with an OP who’s not entirely sure what’s going on and is getting confused. Because, yeah, they shouldn’t be behaving as described.

@OP, try clearing your cache… maybe something’s gone funky there. Maybe reset your router and modem? If after that you’re still seeing wrong behavior, maybe make a video and file an in-game bug report and/or support ticket. The bug report won’t help in the short term, but it could help CCP fix the underlying cause, while with the support ticket they might be able to help you sort out things on your end.

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I’m betting OP isn’t coming back because the issue resolved itself like any other temporary communications error server or client side. It’s the way the NPC was well inside control range yet still getting control range warnings that linked it with the last thread about this.

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Push F a bunch, crack the whip, remind your drones what happens to the ones that go rogue.

But seriously, whenever I’ve noticed weird behavior with my drones, spamming F tends to fix it within a few seconds. Otherwise… try filing a support ticket or bug report? The issues OP describes are really kind of bizarre.


No, its still happening.

If i was going in and out of drone control range, id understand. But im only like 15km away.

The reason its annoying me now, is because its happening in Abyssal deadspace. I have my drones on one target, chipping away at half armor and into hull, then it switches to another, full HP target for no apparent reason, while the target thats almost dead gets repped.

With the time restrictions, its really, really annoying.

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