Not a troll, excessive aggression towards drones/fighters

they only way to describe it would to be down right oppressive. As is drone/fighter boats are DOA in pve use. Seeing how people still use drone boat religiously without having to launch and recall every minute, im gonna assume my character is bugged some how. CCP please.

Pretty sure you can thank the bot carrier/Ishtar null ratters for the changes in drone aggro mechanics…

I use my drones just fine in PVE missions… don’t use oversized drones for the missions…I’m running L4 and I’m using Light drones.

thats not it friend. you would understand if you ever encounter it. the only way i would ever use a carrier to rat is with dura rigs with t2 fighters and a ship bonus to fighter hp. thats not a joke.

you don’t get what he was saying… botters used carriers and drones… because of botters, they changed how drones work… and alpha pilots didn’t help much either with some of what they were able to do.

im well aware of the change. you dont understand the type of aggression im getting. i cant use a drone boat in pve without drones getting ass blasted.

use smaller drones… if you use smaller drones that look less like a threat, then they will target you, and not the drones… thats why i stopped using Heavy drones in L4’s… they were constantly targeted… now I use Lights again in L4’s.

your not understanding. the aggression i get renders a drone boat useless, which surprise other people use fine…its a bug not a feature…

you want the aggression on you not your drones… so when you have smaller drones, the aggression turns to you.

just out of curiosity, which drone boat are you using?

yea no â– â– â– â– 

that was the point of my last comment… that you want aggression on you, but this sounds like the aggression on your is bad…

i know plenty of people who use drone boats running missions and doing various other PVE activities that has not had a problem with aggro to drones since they use the appropriately sized drones.

it would help to know which PVE activities you are attempting to use drone boats with and which drone boat… knowing these we can help you out.

cant finish a anom site with drones taking that much damage less than 10m in. Like i said my drone boats are DOA.

hmm, light drones taking the less amount of damage… again… third time im asking… WHAT SHIP. are you using??

If you think it’s a bug submit a bug report. That’s there for a reason. F12 in game.

Okay, there is actually a possibility that you’re bugged. I once read an article about players complaining that they were huge agro magnets in some MMO (I can’t remember which), and the devs assumed those players were just imagining things. Then one day, someone did some research and found that there was indeed a bug that was causing certain players to get put really high up on the agro table. However, before we assume bug, we should probably first go over all the things you can do in order to reduce your changes of losing drones.

  • Don’t drop drones until your ship has agro.
  • Don’t get too far away from the rats in order to help prevent them from switching to the drones that are much closer to them.
  • Increasing the damage of your ship will not only help you kill stuff faster, but also move you up on the agro table relative to your drones.
  • Using ewar modules will also move you up on the agro table. Naturally, this includes things like webs and target painters, but also the auto-targeter for some reason.
  • Naturally, you’ll need a buddy or be able to dual box in order to spider tank. However, it usually has dramatic effects on drone agro.
  • Prioritize killing frigs and webbing ships first, as they pose the biggest risk to drones.
  • Use smaller drones against smaller targets. They’ll not only apply their damage better to smaller targets, but their speed and low signature radius will also help mitigate the damage that they receive.
  • Sometimes drone agro for a particular piece of content can be particularly bad (a past live event comes to mind). In such cases, you’ll either want to switch to cheap and disposable T1 drones, or switch to a ship that gets most, if not all, of it’s damage from turrets/missiles. Then you can either use drones till they’re all dead, or skip on them entirely.
  • Some people will also sometimes fit a remote armor rep into a utility highslot in order to save drones/repair drone damage.
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Check the forums again. If I remember correctly, this bug can be “fixed” by taking your ship out to a safe spot, disembark yourself, wait like 20-30 seconds, reboard your ship, problem fixed. FIND THE ORIGINAL POST!
Trying to help and I do remember that this exact reported problem and solution was posted on this board. Please repost or let us know if you find the original and let us know if it works. Good luck.

ill be running a t1 vexor on another character vs my ishtar on my main. I plan in testing how aggression differs

i have heard of that “fix” but ive been out of plenty of times during fleets and it still happens

Ive had zero problems with drone aggro since making this thread. Thank you to whomever at CCP who fixed this for me. If you have aggro issues with drones dont listen to idiots about using the right drone size, make a thread or submit a ticket because it is a bug.


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