Drones receiving more aggro for anyone else?

So I fly dual rep domis and such and it seems like remote rep aggro is not being generated any more or is being out done by drone aggro. As soon as I kill a sleeper the next sleeper is murdering my drones.

Yep CCP recently made drones get aggro more often.

Do you know if this was posted anywhere by them? I just got done wasting long skill qeue if this method of ratting just became much more expensive.

Yes i believe it was posted somewhere in some patch notes not too long ago, hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will come along and tell you, or be able to find the patch notes. i just tried to find the patch notes but couldn’t find them, but i believe that they did announce the change. From memory i think they increased the drones chance of getting aggro by 17% or so, don’t take my word on it though thats just a guess. Lets hope someone with more knowledge comes along. :slight_smile:

Hmmm a new patch and no mention of its is fixed or a bug…

sometimes it is bugged, dock in station, leave ship, reenter ship, solved.

there 2 things, one update which increase aggro on drones and one where a bug makes rats 100% go after you drones

The more you want the more they take away.