Drone aggro

Anyone else having trouble keeping aggro off drones. Seems like overnight I’m losing drones to emerging conduits. Same fitted ship and drones … trigs are eating my drones left right and center.

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Triglavians go after drones pretty heavily (far more than typical NPCs). Do you have any “non-drone” ships that you can use?

If you must use drones, you should recall them after each wave- and whenever they start to take aggro. That should help a little- but it’s not 100%. I suggest factoring drone losses as part of your total isk/hour.

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You used to be able to draw aggro to your ship with EW - a target painter worked well. Not sure if that’s still true - CCP are trying to discourage the use of drone boats for AFK ratting. It makes sense that the rats should focus on the greatest threat.

Personally I would prefer if they nerfed drones by getting rid of aggressive mode so you actually need to manage them rather than having the rats wipe them out.

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This is a odd thing that I have seen happen several times over the years, one day for no reason everything gets a hard on for your drones.

Doesn’t matter how many times you scoop and relaunch, doesn’t matter if you have guns or ew on the npcs they jump on your drones almost as soon as they hit space.

I am sure its a bug, but I am unable to reproduce it. Re-packaging the ship might work but its extreme. Eventually it returns to normal.

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