How do you keep aggro in Emerging Conduits?

So I started trying to do EC in my gila, just as a change of pace. The dps is amazing, way better than anything else i’ve used so far that is able to actually tank the 3rd wave consistently. The drones just shred through the frigs… which I guess is the problem. I can only kill 2, maybe 3 ships before they all start shooting at my drones. I have to constantly recall and redeploy the drones to keep them from going pop.

Besides being annoying, I think is completely nullifying any dps advantage the ship has over other’s i’ve been using. Most waves it isn’t a huge issue since the frigs orbit so close, drone recall is basically instant. But on the 3rd wave when they are shooting at the cruiser 15km away, having to recall and redeploy when the cruiser is only half dead sucks. It also has a much bigger risk for a drone going boom before it makes it back to me.

Is there anything I can do to help them hold aggro to me better? Would some Ewar in the mids help? I think I have plenty of tank to be able to drop an extender and put a target painter or something on. Should I lower my drone’s dps and fit BCS instead of drone upgrades? So my ship is seen as a bigger threat?

Thanks for any help!

You can use another ship that doesnt use drones as much.

Pull drones after each wave and relaunch after new wave engages.

You can expect Caldari Navy Vespas from Gila to shield tank for quite a while, though they did lose 40% of their HP after the Gila nerf.

I imagine it’s harder to fool Triangles into aggroing your ship than your average rat, but I’ll leave that to players more experienced on them. I did my share of Conduits in an Oracle, no drones.

I was using a grappler and a target painter before the last patch (haven’t been able to play since) and aggro stayed on me aside for a few instances. I was also pulling my drones in after every wave and only launching when I was redboxed by the Triglettes. I haven’t played since the nov 12th patch, but I recall seeing a post somewhere that indicated the ewar/aggro relationship might have changed. If it matters I was not flying a Gila.

I do, and it will work long enough to kill 1 or 2 ships, then they start shooting drones again.

My golem/paladin/Praxis didn’t have this problem… but the gila has far more drone dps than them so I guess they are just going after the bigger threat. Gila missile dps is like 150, where drone dps is closer to 600.

Maybe I should try a leigon. It’s total dps/tank is similar, but missile/drone dps is about a 50/50 split.

My gecko are rarely being targeted somehow. Anyone else have same experience?

I think I figured it out. my RLML only have a 20km range, I just have to make sure the rats get within 20km and I shoot a missle before I launch my drones. Since doing this I haven’t had any issues in the last 4 sites.

I found if your drones are getting attack dock them. And then relaunch once you get agro.

With Trigs i remove all drone range extension modules, just to stop me from sending out to far.

Ideally you want drones attacking the closest target and use you turret or launchers on other targets out farther.

So for me anything under 8km is drones and everything else is turret fodder.

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