Did they modified anything about Heavy & Sentry Drones aggro?


I’ve noticed these days my ogres and sentries are getting the whole battleship aggro almost instantly as soon as I’m doing missions.

Did they modified something? I’m starting to think I should drop heavy drones and only use sentries.


Well, I can’t speak for missions, but I haven’t noticed any changes to drone agro in incursions.

Anyway, moving yourself up on the agro table might help take agro off of your drones (i.e. fit an autotargeter or TP, increase your DPS, fly closer to the rats). Also, try not dropping drones until your ship draws agro. And, if push comes to shove, you can use T1’s, and treat them as expendable. Of course, that’s more viable if you’re flying a ship that doesn’t get a huge chunk of it’s DPS from drones (i.e. the rattlesnake and Dominix). Oh, and guys who use sentries sometimes try to fit an armor rep for helping to repair damage to them.

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They basically made doing missions with drones a waste of isk unless you go with a sniper fit. Sentry drones 100k+ out is good to go. Rattlesnake at 85k or Domni at 100k seems to be the only way to go without losing expensive drones constantly. The days of your ogre II’s chewing up ships while you tank the room seem to be long gone.

If you are running L4’s with Heavy drones, then yes they will get aggroed quite frequently, switch to a smaller drone, and they won’t be targeted as much.

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