Drones always gets agro in sites

Even after the recent September 19th patch I have no chance to use my t3 Proteus with drones in 10/10 escalations (Guristas Maze) or scanned data sites, for example Digital Plexus.
Immediately after I launch drones, they get an aggro from the all the npc ships which attacked ship before. This makes drone damage specific ship to be useless in sites at this moment.

Is this now by design and players should switch to a gun/missile specific ships for escalations or scanned sites?

Even L4 mission site rats take aggro on drones, the rats got smart a while ago lol, management is required. Pull them in and out as they aggro your drones, they seem to only choose to attack my drones at least twice

maybe we need new drones
tank drone healer drone and 3 dps drones
then they can go in the dungeon to play world of dronecraft


We already have them! We just need the bandwith issue to be fixed to use 1 ogre, 3 hobgoblins, wasps, whatever and 1 shield or armor rep drone!

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Pull them in and out as they aggro your drones, they seem to only choose to attack my drones at least twice

I tried five or six times at my last attempt.

I’ve actually started to lose salvage drones in mission and anomaly sites to non elite frigate class ships. Rare, but has happened twice in the last couple of weeks. Not too much of a hardship, but no longer can I release drones and ignore till site cleared.

Drones are meant to get shot at. It’s the only weakness of using drones.

Consider using sentries. Flying closer to targets. Or switching weapon systems all together.

You can also try fitting a remote sensor booster and targetting drones with it.

Rats have tended to aggro heavily based on e-war. A remote sensor booster doesn’t take much cap, has a long range and can target your drone rather than an enemy. This allows it to draw aggro to your ship while your drones are idle once the next wave spawns… then the drones automatically attack once aggro goes to your ship.

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target painter, drone navigation computer, drone durability V, drone navigation V

Well you could just have logistic drones on your drones that are attacking and boom your managing a fleet of drones! Lol assuming the log drones can keep up with the speed of your attacking drones :stuck_out_tongue:

T1 faction Navy/Fleet drones have the most tank, even compared to T2 drones. The down side is that the only source of T1 faction drones (that I know of) is from faction warfare NPC corps, so they are the most expensive drones. There are also drone durability rigs that increase the tank of drones.

Having said that, my biggest gripe about drone management is that you cannot mix different types of drones into the same designated drone group. I’d really like CCP to make it possible to have drone groups that were not all the same type of drone.

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Augmented Drones are the most expensive.

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