Update Broke Drone Aggro?

Since the last update, it seems like rats in combat sites are targeting drones way more than they were last week, like way way more. They will be shooting my ship, I’ll launch my drones, and then all of them will target my drones right away losing aggro off my ship. What is going on here.

Improvement in AI intelligence successful.:blush::blush::blush:

In a safe spot out in space, try disembarking from your ship then boarding again. Sometimes this is needed to “fix” things like drone aggro.

Hopefully this behavior is intentional. Aggressive drones ignored by rats encourages bots and AFK players indistinguishable from bots.

Giving NPCs the ability to prioritize threats, forcing players to maintain situational awareness and actively manage the engagement would be a big improvement!


All as in what class of ship? Heavy’s and mediums will draw the attention of cruisers/destroyers/frigs, lights only tend to draw aggro from frigs (in my experience) .

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I’m flying a battlecruiser, my heavies are drawing aggro from battleships away from my battlecruiser. That is, my drones are targeting the battleship, and everything on site is aggroing them, the battleships, the battlecruisers, cruisers, frigats, anythhing that is on site.

This could be something new.
Never had the whole site deaggro and go after the drones before. Normally the smaller ships target the drones the bs/BC stay on me.

If this is the case then it will make drone boats a little more difficult to work with.

Well, I ejected from my ship and reboarded it, and now my ship is keeping aggro from the rats, so… that’s strange, at least things are working again.

I think the eject ship trick was there long time ago and (I’m surprised) it still works.

But thanks for pointing this out, I need to spend a little time closely observing the rats’ behavior then. Don’t wanna loose a flight of augmented drones.

Hi, I do almost entirely PvE. Missions especially, and recently have done a LOT of level 2/3/4. I’ve tested my Megathron and Stratios fits mostly. On multiple occasions I have had rats stop shooting me to target drones. The “elder” blood raider rats (elite frigates) specifically seem to be specifically programmed to act as flak and murder drones. I once lost 5 full bays of 15 drones trying to kill them. As for standard rats they seem to attempt to shoot my drones and will swap target on a 60/40 ration roughly, but unlike elders they lack the accuracy to completely flak my drones.

Oh yea they def broke something, on a missile battleship you basically need drones to kill frigs. And its nearly undoable atm. You will run out of drones before you kill the frigs in some missions. Im currently wacking Cruises at frigs and keeping my drones in. Fun times…

that’s how it’s supposed to work, but my lights draw aggro from cruisers and even BCs/BSes in L4 missions quite often. CCP borked drone aggro many years ago and now various parts of the game have wildly different drone aggro.

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