Drone Aggro Help

Ok folks, I am at a loss here as to what is going on with drone aggro. I am running a Praxis currently doing EC’s, missile boat with heavy active shield rep. I have high level drone skills relatively, lvl 4 or 5 on most of the important ones, a few at level 3 still. Today for some reason the trigs have taken a severe dislike to my drones, to the tune of losing about 25 of them over 12 EC’s right now. Typically they have a single ship that will attack one and I’ll just recall it in but not today. It’s like every trig on the screen is attacking all at once and they are just dropping like flies here.

I have tried a few different drones, Hobgoblin II’s, Hammerhead I’s, Ogre I’s…doesn’t matter what type. Yes I know some of you will say not to use the medium or heavies against the trigs but I honestly haven’t noticed any major damage difference between the 3 types. Ttypically I use a mix of 2 Ogre’s and 3 Hammerheads for higher durability of the drones. They hit the trigs with their large signature radius just fine for the most part.

Now I’m new to EC’s. For the first 2 or 3 days I never had drone agro problems. Then over this last week it’s gotten worse and worse. Where over 10 conduits I’d lose 1 or 2. Then the last 2 days it’s gotten worse by a lot. Yesterday lost about a dozen. Today as I mentioned I’ve lost somewhere around 25 of them.

Nothing that I do can fix this. I’ve tried not deploying them for the first minute or so of battle completely destroying 1 or 2 trigs b4 I even launch. I’ve recalled them in after every wave and waited to lauch until 2 or 3 cycles of my rapid lights have gone off. I’ve left them on passive just sitting there for a bit. I’ve tried every combination of those drones I listed. Nothing is working to get them off my drones. Even the Hobgoblin II’s are not fast enough to get back in b4 being destroyed and I won’t keep popping out 350 to 400k each for those losing them as fast as what was going on today and Hobgoblin I’s are useless imo.

Someone mentioned something about flying out to like a sun or moon, ejecting from the ship for 30 to 60 seconds then getting back in and that would stop aggro. Well nope, tried that and doesn’t matter. It’s also completely random when they do it. I have had fights where as soon as i launch them they are aggro’d and time’s where I’m on the 5th out of 6 trigs and they suddenly get aggro’d. Or even kept them out all the way to the 3rd wave and gotten half way through that wave when suddenly it’s destroy the drones time.

I’m at a loss on what to do. Getting to a point I might just go buy a dang bpo and make them myself I’m going through them so fast, lol. So if anyone has some advice or tips on what I can do I would appreciate it.

Also please note, I also tried this on a Drake and was having same issue with drones being agro’d on it despite only being able to deploy 3.

I know it sounds dumb but some people recommend swapping to another ship and back when they see a streak of consistent drone loss.

I can’t offer any actual backup for this, or why it would make any difference, just anecdotal evidence from the forums.

Trigs in general do target drones more frequently, and as a general rule, ships with closer signature radii target each other. So if you’re in a battleship, enemy frigates are more inclined to target your drones than to target you, while the cruisers and battleships will target you over your drones. This will be more exaggerated if you’re using large drones, as they’re a little closer to frigate signature radius. So you might find clearing small targets with small drones, then swapping to larger drones could result in fewer losses.

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