NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNerf drone aggro

Please nerf drone aggro omg.

I am fine with drone aggro as a concept and I understand why it is important, however it is cancerous in it’s current state. I have good drones skills including durability etc but the rate at which my drones take damage is so high that during sites I cannot have uptime on 5 drones at any point, sometimes I can’t even keep 4 drones attacking because they get low on hp and I have to let the shields regen, and occasionally I just have to pull them all and completely stop attacking. This makes it take over an hour to clear a site because I have to kill so much more hp overall as the enemies repair more from living longer because of the reduced damage output, and also because my DPS is just lower anyway because I’m constantly recalling drones non-stop.

There needs to be a longer grace period for drones that have been recalled so that I can actually apply the DPS my ship is supposed to have for at least some time.


Use sentries


Ignoring the issue is the wrong way to solve the problem.


There is no issue. Use sentries, or pay better attention, or don’t send them out 40+km, or don’t be afk, or don’t be lazy.


Why bother commenting when you clearly don’t understand the issue. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with attention.

Drones are supposed to be a weapons system type, just like missiles and turrets are. There is no reason why drone aggro needs to be so oppressive that it effectively cuts the DPS of the ship in half.

Crawl back in your hole Mr 1337.


translation: “When you don’t agree with me”.

You’re doing drones wrong, OP. Sorry it’s not easy for you.

Also, your ad hom is pretty bland. Could you try to step it up a bit? thx


translation: I want people to think I’m hardcore so I’m going to ■■■■ talk on a thread that identifies a problem by calling the OP a bad player.

Sorry Mrs 1337 but like your husband before you have no idea what you are talking about. Drone management is not hard and the issue is not a skill issue no matter how much you and your husband want to straw man the thread as a difficulty issue, it is simply the case that the drone aggro mechanic is more oppressive than it needs to be given it’s purpose. The purpose of drone aggro is not to make 1 drone permanently useless because it has to be recalled constantly so it doesn’t die.

All weapon systems run out of ammo. Except for drones. Drone agro is the trade for limitless ammunition. It’s a fair trade I think.


The penatly for drones is being defanged in PVP… They don’t need to be penalised in every part of the game.

Really, you think you should have limitless ammo weapon system in pve? Why?

Why not. It’s only useful in Null where it’s a pain to get ammo. Missiles are better for PVE otherwise.

There was some glitch with excessive drone aggro, when npcs exclusively target your drones ignoring player ship. Something something leave/board your ship while in space.

Some npcs like Sleepers and Trigs also switch aggro and target drones a lot. They are supposed to be difficult.

Use ewar or remote reps to regain aggro.

Being rude on the forums rarely helps solve problems.

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People are just disagreeing with you. I use drones in null all the time. Occasionally lose them if I’m lazy. Carry a remote repper and depot to fix them. It’s a small price to pay for never having a hold full of ammo. Because it’s hard to get ammo in null isn’t a good argument to change drone agro mechanics.

Also, chill.

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:cry: Lol Well, you didn’t improve on your ad hom at all…oh well. You did, however, reveal yourself to be pretty thin-skinned.




When the day comes that PVE sites use zero ammunition, we will remove drone aggro from the game.

Until that time, drones will be targetted and destroyed, much like Ammo is used up and gone forever.

So good luck Petitioning CCP to remove ammunition requirements from PVE sites. We will talk about this after you’ve successfully convinced CCP to remove it.

Well that escalated quickly.


No, go away

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Speaking as an avid drone user, it’s you (or your botting software) that’s the problem, not the mechanics.


Literally Hitler, right?


If there was drone agro in null anoms the vni wouldn’t be getting nerfed again.

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