Please un-do whatever you did to Trig anti-drone behavior

As of this evening, I can’t keep my drones alive and they’ve been rendered useless at emerging conduits. The Trigs turn on my drones seconds after I launch them and 2 or more are destroyed just in the time it takes them to return to the bay. I pull the drones in to break aggro and launch them again, and they just get shot up again. I’ve lost 2 drones in all the weeks I’ve been running em cons, but I lost 12 drones today alone. I’ve had to stop using them entirely because they just die too quickly to be of any use.

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I have changed from a battleship to a battlecruiser as long as other people are in battleships and not in the same ship class they seem to take the Agro and leave my drones alone.

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When I used drones as main dps sourse, Triglavians targeted them very often. Had to change tactic and weapon to deal more damage than the drones I had. That was faster than pleading CCP to do stuff.


In battles now I use drones like you would a glass canon or a mage if you are in a heavy ship they will blow your drones apart, it’s best to use a lower class ship with drones. ( if everyone is in lower class ships run) warning: no matter how much damage you do certain people will treat you like a leech because you are not taking as much agro as them so be prepared to run because sometimes they will warp out on you.

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Try keeping only a couple drones out in close range to yourself and keeping a repper on them to deflect agro onto your drones while not losing the drones.

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Learn how to play the game.

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Do you even run the sites?

If so then tell us how you do it. If not then STFU.


I played this game since 2010, the Glory days, now, I hate to say this, but I look to Chris Roberts to keep my dream alive…

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Bye then. I remember your posts.
In general you’re a whiner. You belong there.

Yeah I’ve heard this a million times from people who have left Eve years ago, same old Mantra;

"Oh you whiner, can I have your stuff… blah blah blah "

I’ll see you in the verse buddy, just like my other Eve critics for the last few years, who I never see in Eve anymore :wink:


No, you won’t be seeing me there, because it’s not likely going to actually be interesting. It’s not likely to be as dynamic, open and supporting of hundreds of people within a single area. You can definitely wish it won’t be, because otherwise you’d be seeing me there eventually kicking your ass.

You need to think about what you’re writing. If Star Citizen is even in the slightest bit like EVE ONLINE you’re going to get your face smacked more often than you can imagine. As that’s likely not the case, because it’s a game for escapist losers like yourself, there’s simply no reason for me to play this game.

It’s just a honeypot for losers who want to live in a fantasy world where they can feel like winners and achievers. Just like most other games. The fact that it manages to extract hundreds of millions from idiots speaks all for itself. Enjoy it, if that’s what you need. I certainly don’t.

Yeah same old Mantra “Yeah go away, can I have your stuff…” , you may be too young to remember the Awesome Eve Fests in the early 2010s, now its just RE=BALANCES and New Skins.

Watch those awesome trailers from the past, and compare those to what we have now, maybe you’ll sympathize with the bitter vets one day, cos you’ll end up being one yourself :wink:

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I am a bittervet.
I’m just not a bitter bittervet, if you know what I mean.

Oh look, the pretend-good-guy posts next.

Don’t waste your time replying to his whine.

Took you a lot of typing just to reduce it to this one line, you phony.
And how dare you telling people what to do?

Echo chambers are in the direction of “■■■■ off”.
I’m sure you’ll find that place pretty easily.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


EVE is not a space ship game. If you’re playing EVE because you think it’s a space ship game and then think something like Star Citizen, also being a space ship game, is a good replacement then you don’t understand what EVE is, or you don’t agree to what it is. Whichever of the two it is, it means that right now you’re playing the wrong game and that generally results in “whining”, it’s probably better if you then move along as you’re playing a game you don’t like.

EVE is a PVP sandbox RTS which just happens to have space ships in it. There are very few true PVP sandbox MMO’s and Star Citizen surely won’t be one so if you understand and agree to what EVE actually IS, then Star Citizen is NOT a replacement.

This is the reason for most… discussions: people who understand that this is a PVP sandbox vs people who think it’s a space ship game with PVP in it.

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OP, just dont use a drone boat.

Use T1 drones, you can lose those in droves, and have much more stored on cargo, I mean think for a moment.

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It might be a great game for what it is, but it is different to EvE. Nonetheless, what I find so amusing is that Star Citizen has been in development for about the same amount of time Eve has been dying :wink:

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