Please un-do whatever you did to Trig anti-drone behavior

OP you must be doing something wrong, Trigs are leaving my drones alone as they have always done. I ran 18 conduits today, not 1 drone took damage.

Shoot the Trigs and have a higher weapon DPS than the drones do. That way, the Trigs attack you and ignore the drones. It works.

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Things are back to normal today. \o/

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Really? Things have changed with no downtime to do anything with changes? This is bloody impressive! Kudos CCP on this one for sure!

Wow, its almost like a simulation of PvP content…

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You’re angry.

It’s ok, life is hard.

Here’s a free hug, and never forget there’s so much love to give and receive !


Reading & comprehension = Nicolai - 1

If I want you to tell your opinion I’ll bang on the garbage bin so you can pop out.

Correct, the idiot OP and also Garbage Can Man DMS don’t seem know it is a very very old bug where NPC’s primary your drones instead of the ship. All you need to do is warp to a safe, leave your ship, pop back in and your drones will not be primaried anymore.

Ok Skankner, first you’ll need to climb up out of the sewer to even reach the garbage bin.

Anyway, that fix you described is the actual bug. About 4 or 5 years ago CCP programed NPC’s to aggro on Drones within their same hull class or larger, meaning small hull class NPC’s target Lite Drones and larger, medium hull class NPC’s target Medium Drones and larger, large hull class NPC’s target Heavy Drones and Sentry’s. They also programed NPC’s to switch targets to the biggest threat on grid with them.

Did it beat Duke Nukem Forever yet?

This is what I was thinking too. If you attack another player, and that player is fairly skilled. Wouldn’t they target your drones too? How is this different?

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I think we’ll see a fully fledged release of Half Life 3 sooner than Star Citizen :joy:

They’ll never call the third part 3.
Never. Gabe’s not stupid.
He rather trolls everyone with it. :smiley:

It’s different in that the guy with drones, in this case, is a crybaby who comes to the forums and whines, instead of learning to manage his drones.

It’s almost like CCP watched all those AFK VNI videos on Youtube.

This is wha i talk about in my lvl 4s, if i launch drones even with everything shooting me they get autoswitched to no matter how many times i scoop and redeploy. maybe you should make a video lol

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No, it USED to be a sandbox, now it’s just a box of kitty litter with logs everywhere…
You can’t adapt to the fact that EVE is simply a business, and they’ll go where the business is.

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