Edencom & Trig neutrality

Several months ago I was offered some very useful info on how to remove that -0.0 from edencom.

I just returned and I’m wondering if there has been any changes to all this.
Specifically, if I begin a new character will he now start neutral with both?

If not, if I fly into pochven with another far more competent pilot than I which wont take much frankly, will his shots on these drones register for me as well re the return to 0.0 for edencom as I am in the same fleet?
All i want to do right now is dist missions and those dang edencom gunstar guns near the station gets at least one whack on my poor ole badger, which survives, but still

there is no -0.0… you will have 0.0 with both, but the trigs will shoot you until you are at least 0.001. now the benefit is, when you kill rogue drones in pochven, you get positive standings to both.

Will I obtain that benefit in a fleet if someone else happens to perform the rogue kill?

I have a toon in Senda (Pochvenhell) and haven’t see a rogue drone Incipient thing in ages. Sleepers and Drifters also give positive standing boost to both Edencom and Trigs, but they would pop this character for sure.

@Imiarr_Timshae can give better advice than I on fixing any standings with eden/trigs

Just go shoot drones anywhere in Pochven :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ship combat standing changes are not fleet-shared, only mission standing changes.

AFAIK you must actually deal damage to a ship that is subsequently killed; just sharing fleet with someone who is killing Rogue Drones/Drifters/etc. is not sufficient.


Thanks, most appreciated

Thats good to know, thanks!

Probably not going to happen tonight anyways P

That’s “discussion of moderation” to lock a whole thread? He couldn’t just remove it? Sad, very sad.

Heaven help you if you were, like me, naive enough to fight for one side or the other and end up with something like 2.7/-2.7 standings. Worse if it is positive to Edencom. I have a toon with -2.7 to Trigs. In Pochvenhell he can’t even jump gates or dock in a STOLEN station. SUCKS!


So I only have to kill many hundreds of rogue drones in Pochvenhell. Maybe by Eve’s 40th anniversary. As if.

Thank you

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