Edencom Standing from Pochven Activity? Huh?

The Triglavians have many enemies. Killing those enemies can accrue positive Triglavian standings.

Edencom had one enemy. Killing Triglavians got you positive Edencom standing. If Edencom now wants us to kill drifters and rogue drones . . . wouldn’t they want us to do that in Empire space? Why would Edencom give us positive standing for defending Pochven for the Triglavians?


Game doesnt differentiate between capsuleer allegiances when they kill rogue drones.

Capsuleers are not really EDENCOM or Trigs.

And when people kill rogue drones, it calculates standings not counting who kills what and where.

Generally EDENCOM is not really liking rogue drones it seems, but when you kill them in Pochwen it shouldnt count as positive towards Trigs and EDENCOM I think. Only towards Trigs. And EDENCOM members should get nothing from that.

Specifics like that are not programmed in.

Basically cos its a false war.

Once the Trig NPE is rolled out, itll become clear that it was a facade

People have been pointing that out for weeks now. CCP doesn’t care. It completely removes any consequences for trigs and for some utterly inexplicable reason you can now invade Edencom space but be best friends with them. It’s hilarious. :joy:


Edencom and Triglavians - Elite PVE bros.


can you guys explain to me because I’m kinda lost
how i get to pochven (easier way , i can spend some isk if necessary) and how i get standing with trig and edencom at the same time?
i dont want much , just 1 with each so i can forget this content ever existed

I lost interest in the whole thing. But, basically, you have to find a wormhole leading into Pochven, jump in, and kill a drifter or a drone. Finding a specific rat type in there isn’t easy - they are all mixed up and spawn unpredictably. I don’t think +0.0001 standing with Triglavians is enough to keep them from shooting you in there, but maybe it is.

The Trig guys mostly seem to be keeping their knowledge to themselves. Perhaps it would be better to just wait.


ok ty ms @Xeux
will wait

You can buy “Border Pochven” filaments now for ~10m in Jita (price dropped from 2b today ^^) and just teleport in. Then shoot one drifter in there and you are neutral to both Edencom and Triglavians, if you had no standing before.


This ^, then you never have to worry or bother about this ‘content’ ever again… win

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Well perhaps try harder next time =)

Basically because the invasion arc is over, and Pochven is now supposed to be content unrelated to it. This mechanic was put in in order to make no one’s choice of side in the previous phase matter too much anymore. Pochven residents will gain Edencom standing while doing the proving of their flow, which will remove the remaining consequences for them in k-space.

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What you are saying sounds plausible . . . I am curious though . . . why does Edencom still exist?

  1. story reasons
  2. the proximity entry whs need an NPC type and if those were simple factional NPCs, Pochven residents would tank their standings to something that actually has consequences attacking them (ie, would be attacked by faction police in hisec like FW pilots are).
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If you kill e.g. ISIS militants that were operating in Iran, American military and intelligence would still approve. Just because the Sleeper agents (heh) may currently operate in Trig space, does not mean they couldn’t later shift to Edencom space. So I see no issue with Edencom rewarding players for killing Drifter forces, no matter where it happens.


If you kill a Drifter in Pochven and have neg standing towards them, do Drifter BS and lancers in high sec attack you?

I don’t believe so. Not yet.

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Accidentially the wrong reply.

Whenever I shoot EDENCOM ships …
… which I do plentifully …
… I lose standings with them.

Personally I don’t give a ■■■■ about EDENCOM not liking me in highsec …
… and the gates are easily passed in a nano’d frigate.

Aren’t there plenty of roleplayers who go solely pro Triglavians?

I fail to understand the point of this question? If you mean whether the protrig RPers still spend their time shooting Edencom rats for arrpee reasons and thus lose standing and have trouble in hisec, then no. There’s no real benefit to doing so, in or out of character - on the world level it no longer changes anything if you do, so it does not make strategic sense, and the standings penalties mean it does not make sense on a personal level either.

Same holds for the RPers who were pro-edencom in Chapter 3, of course. There is very little reason to shoot trigs now, as doing so does not stop them from doing whatever they are doing for more than about the 30 minutes it takes for them to respawn.

For protrig RPers there are plenty alternative targets (the sleepers and the drones) that make both RP sense to shoot (they are the triglavian main enemies, not Edencom) and gives them the standings that makes them more free to act in the future.

(While there are RPers in EVE who enjoy shooting the NPC with the wrong paintjob just to say they did, most RP in EVE is a little more complex than that. RP does not mean ignoring strategic sense.)

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I think it mostly involves posting undecipherable walls of text in the Intergalactic Summit subforum.

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