Something is dodgy


Just flew into a Ice mine field in my Barge. When flying in I was met by a horde of NPC which made short work of me, killing the ship and pod (go figure). Happens and yet another reason for new players to uninstall (no counter play).

However, in the short space of time I was alive, I could see OTHER miners and think under the same account being left alone…Completely.

All the enemy red was sitting there whilst these other miners were mining. Then as soon as i warped in BOOM, they headed straight for me.

What the hell is that about?

Why did they not attack them and went straight for me???

Think I might have found the answer.

The guys in the belt had good standings with the Triglaviions maybe?

So how do i get in their good books?


With some rats you can gain positive standing and they will leave you alone. For triglavians you gain standing with them by killing their enemies.

Drifters, sleepers, rogue drones, and Edencom all give standings.

You gain more standing faster by killing their enemies when located in Pochven.

If you kill Edencom then those standings will be lowered and Edencom will attack you in high sec. Killing drones, drifters and sleepers give both Edencom and trig standing so you can be friendly to both.

You can enter Pochven using filaments you can buy on the market or through wormholes. You don’t have to strike the final blow on the trig’s enemy. It only has to die in some way in a certain amount of time after you do an aggressive act on it.

This only works in Povchen, except Edencom (but you don’t want to shoot them).

Shooting a single edencom ship will raise your standings with trigs enough they stop attacking you, but won’t lower your edencom standings so much that they’ll dislike you.

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