Gaining EDENCOM/Trig Standing?

Has anyone figured out if there is any way to change and/or gain standings with EDENCOM/Trig since the patch that fixed the rogue drones exploit?

Rogue Drones no longer giving any standings did a complete site popped a structure no Drone standing impact.

Yeah I have been trying to find out ways to help our new bro’s get standing since we live in a minor victory in High Sec and yeah the sites arent giving any rep anymore. So if anyone has any solutions that would be great.

Shoot EDENCOM ships at the gate of the sites. You don’t even need to warp in,
but someone else might have farmed, which means you’d have to wait for a new guarding fleet.

You CAN warp in, though, snipe off a few, and warp out again quickly.
That works. I’ve tried.

They’re all rather squishy …
… and it’s a quick and easy way of gaining standings for everyone in fleet.

I’ve shot down a Muninn and two Claws in my hurricane and they didn’t even get my shield to 75%.

I don’t know why people aren’t even trying.

What’s the use ?
Trigs will attack you even if you’re positive to them.
It doesn’t matter what standings you have.

This is not true! They’re not shooting me at all and I hang around them.

They’ve just attacked you for some reason.

Your report did not make any sense in regards to ingame mechanics.
Whatever shoots you turns red.
You said they didn’t turn red, so something’s off.

Yea’ll make a ticked about it.
Anyone can test it out, get a cheap ship and go to Gammel
Warp to station and do nothing, see if npc’s agress you (if you’re positive with trigs).

Solstice, every time we have done it, the person that needs standings either needs to shoot something or be giving a boost to someone that does the shooting. If it was a simple as have the new bro join my fleet and i take them and solo some guys it would be super simple, but they have to go do damage then we have to make sure we kill the one they hit.

I did see a post on reddit where the drone sites inside trig space work, so that will be my next test. see how realistic that is to get in, do a drone site get out.

I am just trying to find realistic ways to get new members/players trig rep when they join our corp so they can actually make it into the trig minor victory systems without getting blasted by the gate guns.

You can get standing with both Edencom and Triglavians by killing sleepers in one of the five special sleeper hive systems. Even killing just a frigate will do it. However the standing increase is so minimal that it’s practically useless. +0.001 standing per tick, so you’d need thousands of ticks to get to +3 and probably tens of thousands for +7.

How big in the standings increase for shooting Edencom rats, assuming a current standing of 0.0? I hope it’s not the same +0.001?

I can’t confirm this at all, but let’s see what Black Pedro remembers.

It is, but there’s some rounding thing going on. You shoot one ship solo and you gain 0.001,
you shoot one ship with some other guy in the fleet and you also gain 0.001.

… but let’s ask my corpmate.
He was there too.

@Black_Pedro You didn’t shoot the EDENCOM every time, or did you and I just forgot?

I did shoot, but probably not every one you did. I never got standing for doing nothing, but I assume I only got credit for the ones I did damage on.


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