Standings Reset for Triglavian and EDENCOM to before Rogue Drone mishap status

Good day fellow capsuleers,

Today – 2020.10.27, the standings for the Triglavian and EDENCOM factions have been reset to what they were before the Rogue Drones mishap. The info is included in the Patch Notes for today’s deployment.

I roamed a few Triglavian and EDENCOM systems (Arraron, Tierijev and Jufvitte) and saw that there are no more faction gate guns and no more gate camps. Can anyone confirm/ infirm this for other systems?

So what do you guys and gals think? How does this affect your in-game activities and game-play?

Devblog link:

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It doesn’t, my main used the standings “feature” to gain temporary access to pochven to burn some pings and get stuff sorted for when my alt moved in, he gained standings via killing 1 rogue drone so his life is set

If in high sec what is the easiest way as a solo player to gain edencom standings to overthrow the trig positive standing that I have. Ive tried already in a couple of ships and the rats were too strong

Regarding the edencom and trig systems:

Missions & NPCs:

  • Temporarily removed reinforcement fleets from GunStars and Werposts to investigate cluster performance concerns.

That was a previous patch notes. Does not mean the guns are not there. It seems they come and go, some days i see them some days you just have the normal NPC guns there. I have seen them around structures as well even though they are not on gates. Been like this since last week.

Well done CCP for managing your game properly, though it would have been better if you had done this a bit sooner, as this did impact those that setup in Trig space without using exploits.

From what I heard these cheaters were able to freely use Trig gates due to the exploit.

Apparently now you just port in, zap a rat and thats you done.

Therefore resetting anything is pointless, much like this whole event

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You don’t know what you are talking about. The ability to use Trig gates with +3.0 standings made it a roaming heaven for those guys which they should not have been in a position to use. And as for being pointless some people I know are having a great time in that space, I am being informed about it in great detail on Discord :popcorn: .

When I come back after my subscription strike in May 2021 I am looking forward to testing myself in there. Not with this character though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Filaments and wormholes?

Seriously, you will try to start a fight over anything.

Even something as purposeless as this.

Good for you. Mysterious good time you wont expand on no doubt.

Lots of things you cant do else where like… nothing.

Start an argument with someone else Dracvlad. Its entirely impossible to have an actual discussion with you.

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I knew you would take that as a personal attack, it was not however, and reacting with hurt feelings over me pointing out that you don’t understand the issue is a bit meh.

That these people cheated to move around freely with the gates gave them a big advantage even over players that were all in with the Trigs from the start. I know that you have not been in this space, you are not playing at the moment and you have said so too.

Filaments are random, so this makes it more difficult for them to do the damage that they could before. WH’s are of course the way but they are often guarded by nasty NPC’s and you cannot bring in a bashing fleet due to this.

This is not an argument, it is an explanation. I have been fully briefed on how this works by friends who are very active there, have you?

And no I am not going to tell you why they are doing well in that space.

If you can get standings for both then the whole thing is pointless.

If not, objection withdrawn.

They have to grind those standings, as they are not interested in doing that they won’t be able to use the gates, so their options to PvP with an advantage of easy movement that they did not deserve has gone. It is as simple as that. No need to go off on other tangents and off topic.

See, this is what I mean. I was with you right up till that.

Whatever DV, You big, me small, got it.

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