RESOLVED: Exploit Notification - Rogue Drones and Triglavian standings

UPDATE: The cause of this exploit has been resolved and there is no longer a risk of inviting sanction.

It has come to our attention that some capsuleers have been able to rapidly gain positive standings with the Triglavian Collective and EDENCOM using unintended methods in older Rogue Drone content.

Effective immediately, using these means to specifically farm standings with the Triglavian Collective and EDENCOM is considered an exploit and we ask that players who had been doing so to refrain from attempting to gain standings in this way.

We are monitoring the situation and are investigating the actions required to correct this.


Wow, I was doing this just now. I thought that’s how it works,
because everyone hates them and they’re active in trig systems.

What would have happened if my friend hadn’t told me about this?
I really thought that’s just how it works?


This is so dumb. And here I thought CCP implemented this so EDENCOM-players wouldn’t be excluded from the new content.

Welp, that’s what I get for assuming CCP was being nice for once. :confused:


Damn, I wanted to do that but had not gotten around to it yet. Laziness keeps me safe, I guess.



Would be nice if you sent out an ingame notification about this.


Well, searching for these sites was dumb anyway.
My eyes are now on the EDENCOM Orca …

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just my luck!
When i finally login so i can get some standings like everybody else did, you stop me.
This is not fair for the others who did not get to do so because of your broken untested mechanics.



@CCP_Convict: As has been lamented many times by pretty much every CCPer, the vast majority of the playerbase don’t read these forums, don’t check reddit, and don’t pay attention to a damned thing on the launcher ( which wouldn’t tell them anything if they were already in-game when this decision went live 10m or so ago, anyway ).

With CCP still lacking any means to present information like news, notifications, exploit determinations, etc, to players in-game… how can this be enforced as an exploit, if the vast majority of your players won’t even know it is one? Should CCP maybe get around to fixing that lack of communication avenue, as people have been asking them to do for a number of years now?


Are any Trigravians/Edencoms standings gained via this method before exploit declaration, going to be reverted ?
Or those “lucky” people who did this action, which was easily foreseen to be declared as exploit soon, will be holding gained standings ?


can you for once release new interesting content with testing please?
thanks in advance

If there wasn’t a ping within my coalition I would have just done that today evening… if it’s not intended to work this way:
a) fix it beforehand
b) implement it in a way that it’s not possible


I ain’t even mad. Will spread the word in Local and Discord.


Exactly, seemed to work as intended. Shows how much CCP knows (not) its own game if they didn’t realize this will be an issue if it was not intentional by design. :thinking:


Why are exploit notifications always so vague? This could mean almost anything. Are we not supposed to kill drone structures until this is sorted out, or is the expolit something more arcane? I have no idea what the “exploit” even is!!


It’s simple. Don’t do anything that benefits you if it isn’t also a cancerous grind, unless you already simped for Zorya.


Damn, planned to continue up to 7 this evening … then I will try to visit the new space … once, and then never again, when the standing is reversed. :frowning:

CCP, you know there are players with only one account, who just want opt-out of PvE.



More power to rogue AI and rouge drones!


Do not try to shifit the blame on us
It’s YOUR fault that you have such a spaghetti code and NOT ours


These sites pop up in known space form time to time. What exactly is exploitative about running these sites just to clear them from the probe scanner? If this is the same cosmic signature you scan down and run in a combat ship I assume? What gives? These have been there for ages.

Or do you refer to sites in the Pochven only?

Also: these can drop the Drone AI chips you need to build certain mining drones. If you’re artificially limiting where we can find those components where do you suggest we find them now?


So I’m going to need a whole load more clarification here @CCP_Convict

The options as I see them are as follows:

  • It wasn’t intended to be possible to be positive to Edencom AND Trigs
  • It was intended but not via drone sites
  • It was intended via drone sites but not in such big increments via shooting large collidables.

Can you please provide clarification so we know how to proceed?


Plus, they tell us that they don’t want to communicate anything to us, so that we can discover stuff on our own. So, we discover stuff. Then CCP comes along and tells us “No! No! Bad! Bad! Bad! This is not how we want you to behave!”

Just tell us what to do if we are not allowed to be creative.