Drone Site Standing Removed

I just thought I should share my discovery that CCP has removed all the drone standings effects from K-space drone sites.

Any idea for how long or if their coming back at all?

yeah i did go to the drone regions , coof horde territory and killed a LOT of drones no effect

anyone know if there is a way to gain standing with trigs and edencom?

Strange how Diplomacy and Connections skills don’t have any effect on Triglavian and EDENCOM standings.

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Those are deprecated skills that CCP wishes they never introduced. They don’t work on any new content.

How do you know CCP wishes they never introduced those skills to the game?

Well . . . Because every time they introduce new content it is always for “base standings.”

From a philosophical point of view I don’t know if I can literally attribute feelings to a corporate entity.

Looks like “exploited” standings didnt get wiped. Congrats whoever grinded drone sites after patch, they can skip this stupid standing grind. I wish i had too…

me to but i don’t even know what to do to start the stupid standing grind

It was mentioned in the patch notes that this had happened… though I realise not everyone will read those.


I stopped reading the patch notes when I realized they didn’t include half the changes they make. They are only partial patch notes.

Besides, “Fixed known instances of erroneous standing changes occurring from older Rogue Drone content.” could mean almost anything.

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If you’re in K-Space, for one or the other you can visit systems that went ‘minor victory’ and there will be sites you can run (though not sure if these can be run solo or not). It looks like (based on standings for both Trigs & Edencom) hitting drifters should work too.


are you sure?

Lol, oh for sure, that seems to be part of the ‘exploration and mystery’… is it a bug or working as intended… nobody knows! such excite!! :expressionless:


Good luck killing drifters! Also, if you think you didn’t want to piss Edencom off? Imagine the smackdown you are going to get with -10.0 drifter standing.

aren’t drifters wormhole npcs?

No, those are sleepers.

Drifters you need a capital ship or a bunch of spider tanking marauders to kill.

who are the drifters ?

Autothysian Lancers that scan all the stuff in K-space are drifters. There are also drfiter battleships that patrol the drifter wormholes that pop up in systems with Jove observatories.

but… but… they look a lot like the sleepers