Need a bit of a lead regarding some of the recently added factions

a bit of explanation on whats going on:

this character has perfectly balanced standings with all the game factions because i skipped the tutorials and that stuff, instead i went straight to run distribution missions for my starter corp (with some Project Discovery on the side cause high ticks and cool rewards).

the issue:

i was thinking in doing anomalies, combat or signatures sites as a passtime outside of hauling and transit checking work. as eventually i will get to the planned limit with those (rank 500 in Project Discovery, standing 10 with the starter corp, then move on to do something else).

because i dont want to mess my standings i thought on farming drone sites. but with this new expansion CCP added a “Rogue Drones” faction to the list. and i have positive standings with them.

so before i ■■■■ up on this i would like to ask you people. does running regular drone sites in high/low/null (or basically killing any kind of rogue drone during missions and the like) incur in a standing loss with that faction? or its something that only applies to the roge drone spawns in Abyssal Deadspace?

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I believe only abyss drones will reduce that standing

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