Questions about Datacenter Agents

i’ve never done missions for those guys or the circle agents but the idea of gaining extra standing sounds so good. i’d like to know some things before going at it tho:

  1. do i loose standing with the other factions if i run the questchains or deliver the pirate tags?

  2. can i run both the quest chain and the delivery of tags? or is a single choice?

  3. do i loose standing from the NPCs that appear in the missions?

EVE University doesnt provide much insight into this so i was looking to get the missing details from more recent and experienced sources before ■■■■■■■ up.

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  1. you know i dont actually recall but iirc its shouldnt effect it badly if at all. It is effectively possible to get all faction standings to a nice level as long as your not shoting things.

  2. not sure what you mean by quest chain; the certificate missions? cosmos missions? each mission is a seperate event agent you can only run once. The certificate courier you can run three ties per faction as they each have 3 seperate agents that give it. The actual certificate chain of missions you can only run once, as theres only one agent per faction that gives it… whilst semi interesting to run the chain was left unfinished by developers, hence arvue’s token being pointless.

  3. yes, especially if you shoot them.

  4. jeremy tacs and Christer Fuglesang were the last concord agents ingame, they used to be the only way to get your sec status past 5 (upto around 6) but they are now interbus agents; might still be worth taking a look at them for the sake of ‘interest’
    and COSMOS agent missions of course :slight_smile:

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yeah i mean, doing the certificate mission given by the agent on each empire but also turning in pirate tags to the other agents in that list.

according to the mission info in the wiki some of those send you to kill pirate rats or the like so was wondering if they would incur in standing loss from those factions.

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  1. the only faction gain that does not incur derived standing are those from an epic arc (last mission).

welp, 3 out of the 4 and nope. derived standings are counted on each storyline. thankyou for taking the time to answer the questions anyways.

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what ?

i did every certificate mission and got derived standings from it.

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yes, and ?

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