COSMOS missions are broken

I started doing Caldari COSMOS missions on my alt who mostly does PvP because they give nice rewards and standings boost, but they have two problems that haven’t been fixed in years and I would like to address them. Don’t know should I have posted this in Player Suggestions and Ideas, though.

  • Some agents require you to bring items (usually found in data sites) that are worth much more than the reward and give no standings increase and aren’t part of a chain. I don’t see why anyone with half a brain would bother with such missions.

  • You need to have a high enough standing with corporation the agent belongs to for him to offer you a mission, not the faction. This prevented my alt from running missions for agents belonging to Caldari Provisions and Science and Trade Instititute, since they are player-joinable corps and I shot players belonging to them, which destroyed my standings. I believe this should be fixed as it discourages PvP.


They’ve been broken for a long time. I think I recall someone asking about it somewhere and CCP said they were leaning towards just removing them.

So you are suffering the consequences of your foolish behavior. That has nothing to do with them being broken, that is working as intended.

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I am not saying it is wrong. I am just saying you are foolish for expecting to not suffer some consequences for acting like you are acting. Big difference. :slight_smile:

You know, risk and reward and actions have consequences, that kind of stuff.

But consequences should make sense, which is not something I find when you eventually end up with negative standings to the very NPC corp you belong.

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Agreed on that. You should get kicked out of that NPC corp into a randomly created 1 man player corp if your standing falls below a certain level, which you cannot leave until you train Corporate Management level 1. And you should not be able to rejoin such an NPC corp until your standings with that corp have sufficiently improved.

Until such an improvement to the consequences system arrives, you are left with being the unloved yet tolerated basement dweller that is tasked with copying stamps.

what do you mean by “worth more” ?

Please give an example.

you answered your own question …

level one agents are now available regardless of standings , so get out there and grind them standings back up .

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part 8
“■■■■ you, that’s why” :slight_smile:

This is a good reference table for Cosmos Agent location, standing requirements and rewards. If it says ‘No Faction standing increase’, then bypass those agents.

Your link isn’t working and I am using this spreadsheet:

A nice post concerning COSMOS missions (especially the availability of HG-1008 implant) appeared yesterday on reddit, but I have a feeling that nobody from CCP will read it:

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I’m sorry, here’s the correct link.

If you have a browser add-on for ‘no/skip redirect’, you’ll have to disable it. I’m using the ‘Wayback Machine’ to access the discontinued Evelopedia. Most of the links in the Evelopedia can be accessed by r-clicking and selecting ‘open link in new tab’.

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