COSMOS Sites Are Broken AF!

This is going to piss many people off but I just wanted to bring this very broken mechanic to everyone’s attention so hopefully it can put some light on the matter and be addressed.

For those of you unaware, COSMOS missions are one time only missions but the sites you need to go to; to get said item are accessible by anyone. Each site has multiple rooms, where people will just sit inside them AFK, let their drones kill everything while an MTU sucks everything up and the rats will infinitely respawn all day, netting billions and billions of passive ISK - all this and it’s in HighSec of all places! RISK = ISK, I don’t think so.

I attached an image of what dropped from this one guy’s MTU after he had been doing this ~hour.

Here is my suggestion for an “easy” fix:-
Either the loot tables or the respawn rates for the NPC’s need to be changed or as they are COSMOS sites; the gates to enter should be locked with a key given out by the COSMOS agent.

If everyone starts doing it maybe it’ll get pushed up to CCP and get it fixed at some point and hopefully it’s not tied to the POS code because we all know how that’s working out ;)Anyway that is all, everyone starts doing this so it can be addressed :slight_smile:

Anyway that is all o7


Those mods don’t look that great imo


I just wanted to say real quick that I heard somewhere (at a live event, iirc), that they were aware of how messed up the cosmos missions were, and decided to leave them as is for the time being. Yes, they would like to fix them, but it wasn’t a priority. So, rather than yank them out, they figured they would leave them in for those that still wanted to engage with them, and not do anything to point new players to the content.

Not say that that is the right decision or anything, just relaying what I heard.
No P2W

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There’s still risk though isn’t there? I mean what’s to stop another player from coming in and taking the items themselves?


that combined with the fact the GM’s won’t reset them due to the nature of the cosmos.


Sounds like it could be free game for gankers around there


Afk drones are on the list of things to change for CCP. But in the mean time you can always attack the MTU’s.

If there is that much loot it should be worth your while.


Without doubt COSMOS complexes and missions should be reworked, as now they act like a bizarre remnants from past and to be honest, majority of players don’t even know what they are for. Just one more thing on a CCP “to do” list, hopefully as devs are doing right things with NPE, they might also take care of COSMOS stuff.

However, about mentioned AFK droneboat players, who like to siphon junk with their MTU for hours… it’s not like their presence goes unnoticed by gankers, believe me. I saw few times in one specific system in Okkelen constellation Gila kills on zkillboard, obviously gankers love to claim pirate faction ship killmail, especially when Gila owner think he can just park his ship, launch caldari navy vespas, turn on shield booster, drop MTU and profit without playing attention to gankers.

Also, the same droneboats guys quite often end up dead from nasty MTU suspect baiting PvPers. Their playstyle is not as profitable, considering stated dangers from other players.

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Thanks for the thread then @Cpt_Armarlio. I’ll start looking for those missions.

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you do need specific standings to be able to do them, not the standings for regular missions. also if you lose an item, or something happens and you quit or fail, they cannot be reset.

1.0 L2 missions
3.0 L3 missions
5.0 L4 missions
7.0 L5 missions

2.0 L2 missions
4.0 L3 missions
6.0 L4 missions (not all)
7.0 L4 missions (not all)


To run the missions yes, but you don’t need any standings to enter the sites, You can go and enter these sites with a fresh alpha and do this.

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Even then, most of the missions are broken AF as well. They cannot be completed.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

What‘s the system and site? The more people know, the better to keep that content in check.

Probably this one (considering his lossmail did not contain a key which is required for the other beacon site in the system though still could be a different site but this seems the best guess):

Be advised though that they may not be as AFK as OP claims… or he was just very unlucky:

Also not sure if the killers belong to the same group or if the T3C just showed up to hunt the flashy yellow but either way standard suspect hazards apply as per usual. :wink:

Thanks! Ahh, looks like the famous Deltole static site probably. Wasn’t there for ages. Don‘t think this is actually a cosmos site.


It drops mission items and stuff for storyline and probably COSMOS too (not familiar with every COSMOS item so not sure which is which and for what they are used) and uniwiki states it is a COSMOS site so seems reasonable it is considered part of the COSMOS environment.


Most of the Cosmos missions that send you to the static complexes require you to hack cans for a specific item. However there are a few missions where the NPC rats hold the item.

The best thing to do if you can’t find the item before the mission bonus timer expires is to check contracts. Most of the time you’ll find it available, more than likely for a high price but at least you’ll be able to complete the mission and claim both rewards.

I don’t know if it’s true that CCP can’t reset the missions, probably just a generic reply. To actually get someone with knowledge who can hopefully do something about it, escalate the ticket to a Senior GM.

When I ran Cosmos, I didn’t need any missions reset but a few times I did need CCP to intervene and activate the Agents. One Agent just wouldn’t offer any missions at all, another Agent wouldn’t offer the first mission but did offer the 2nd and all other missions in the series. Another time the required amount of items didn’t drop that was needed so CCP spawned the rest of them in my station hangar so I could complete the mission.

Whenever I got a mission pit against one of the main High Sec Factions, I’d buy the required item from contracts. If the mission was pit against Pirate Factions then I’d run the mission and get the item myself.

Other than that one Agent who wouldn’t offer any missions, I basically completed all High Sec and most of the Low Sec Cosmos Agents for the main Empire Factions. All I have left to complete, excluding the Pirate Factions, are 2 Low Sec and all of the Null Sec Empire Cosmos Agents.


It’s not about taking and farming the missions themselves, its farming the sites the missions send you too. You can enter them on a freshly made Alpha and do this still.

ive had it escalated up high in the GM ranks and all come back and say they will not reset cosmos.

They tried to remove drone aggressive mode and the developers aren’t skilled enough to do it without breaking other things.