Easy money on highsec

Ok everybody know about these cosmos afk ratters. For example one guy have quite few accounts farming isk 24\7 for him. You can check out yourself any time at these spots:

deltole: (contested skeleton comet)


tvink: (contested minmatar guerilla base)

What do you say? CCP Peligro is ill by COVID19 ?

Have you reported them as bots?

You can also write a support ticket. Farming cosmos sites afk isn’t actually allowed. Most people just don’t know. There’s a good chance, though, that CCP’s system hasn’t flagged them as bots. An afk bot is not really a good bot. When you report them via ticket, there’s a good chance they’ll get into trouble.

You do write tickets, right?

Nope. I done my job already - my post is here. Next move is up to staff or players who want easy money too.

I know that, you know that and he also know that. But he does not bother - here is only 5 accounts pestistent farming 24\7 and i bet he has more. My post here is about huge afk cosmos exploiter in highsec so lets see what CCP gonna do about that. I bet that guy have more than 1 bil a day only with these known accounts.

You’re an idiot.

Well then you’re like him. You don’t bother reporting him. It’s because of assholes like yourself that people like him can keep doing what they’re doing. He does not need to bother, because you do not care to bother.

Correction: You’re an attention whoring idiot. Even your name screams attention whoring. If you really cared you’d be reporting him. You don’t. The conclusion is obvious.

You can hide my posts, but you can’t hide the truth.


One miner crying about another miner. :roll_eyes:


Thanks. Have a nice day.

Do you see some salt in my post?

Literally the whole post.

As pointed out correctly you have an available tool to resolve the issue but chose to whine about it here instead.

Not using tools available + crying on the forum = textbook salty tears.

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Beeveecee isn’t a bot, dude is legitimate

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OP’s name is a dead giveaway that he’s just a troll.

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Lol, this is great! First of all, I know who this guy is, and the toons he uses for farming and ganking. Secondly, hes just mad because I took sites from him that he was farming 24/7. Thirdly, I am always at my keyboard and am active 8-12 hrs per day while in these sites. Lastly, my gank team outnumbers his, so he should be careful what he says, I’ve just been playing nice so far. What a tool.




Nice! <3

lol. Guys who have been banned because of “cosmos exploiting” should cry when see this topic. Lets look what CCP gonna do about that as i said. Or maybe somebody decide to take these farming sites from this nolifer with ton of accounts used for cosmos exploiting.

Why can’t you do it?


Good evening. If you find a player you believe is botting, it is your responsibility to use the tools provided to report them as such to CCP. As such, I’m closing this thread. Thank you.