Stop supporting AFK farming cancer

This guy in the orca is afk all day.
He’s not at the keyboard.
He’s sitting there in his brick tanked Orca farming COSMOS NPCs.
His drones are doing all the work.

He doesn’t even care about the loot, only has a mobile depot there for some reason. I’ve shot it into reinforced mode and he didn’t do jack ■■■■ about it, of course, because he’s not there.

He’s bricktanked and the NPCs don’t even scratch his shields.

From now on, every time I find someone talking about someone like this,
I will make a thread about it until you ■■■■■■■ fix it.

I’ve reported him for botting and I don’t give a damn if he’s actually botting or just afk.
There’s not really any meaningful difference from my perspective.

And yes, we’re going to gank his candy ass back to the clone vat.

Scanned fitting:




Thanks to @Haulie_Berry for pointing this out:


Here lies your issue.
Just because you don’t like it, does not give you the right to make a legal claim on it.

Several cosmos sites can be farmed through AFK. orca farming is a very inefficient one.

What you call “farming cancer” is called “emergent gameplay” for other people.


Why don’t you gank him? On principle. I am surprised that CODE doesn’t deal with him, considering that he violates every single of their code articles… There used to be a time when CODE went after AFK-bot-aspirant people like that person. Guess that time is long over…

Maybe because they like the squishy targets more, and leave the hard ones alone?

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What kind of question is that?
Are you expecting me to gank it solo?
Look at the fitting. He’s even running a shield booster 24/7.
Do you even understand how hard it is to gank this thing?

Even if I had a a fleet of alts to pull it off,
are you suggesting I throw away hundreds of millions every day
just to keep ganking him whenever he comes back?

Are you willing to donate money for that cause?


No, I was expecting you to ask CODE to take care of him. Enforce their code in “their” territory.


When you’re expecting others to do something,
maybe you yourself should also be doing something.

You’re free to donate ISK to make it less of a pain to gank that guy.

Anyhow, ask them yourself and see what you get as a response. I agree with you, seriously I do, because publicly funded entities should be working for the public, but HEY that’s apparently not how it works!

I’m working on getting him ganked once, maybe twice if that shield booster is worth a lot and actually drops, but I’m not a damn wizard.

I do ratting afk just keep a 3rd party program to know if anybody gets near to the pocket so i save my ship again. Gezz just play and dont bothers about it

Hey, cool, what’s that 3rd party program you’re talking about?

It’s called “**** game design”. AFK farming should not be possible, and if we aren’t going to ban people for it we should fix the problem so AFK farming is no longer profitable. In this case removing the content from highsec would accomplish the goal nicely.

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No, not really.

That’s how farmers destroyed Deltole, which was a huge, glorious social hub where people found friends every day. I “grew up” there and it actually helped me find my first friends and even my first corpmate. It was destroyed by farmers and afk farmers specifically.

Seriously, just removing the content isn’t a good solution.
A better solution is to make sure content can’t be farmed afk.

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It’s called “optimize isk/action”

And when the answer to that optimization question is “go AFK and farm this thing” it’s **** game design that should be fixed. AFK play should never be an optimal strategy.


Reason #4359058723465097823546093874 why high sec is too safe.

What’s wrong with this other than someone’s hurt feelings that another player is playing the game smarter and more efficiently?

You are using this quite loosely in this case…

The guy is AFK and managed to trigger someone enough that they made a forum post about it. I’d say that’s pretty efficient.


Oh you meant tear collection, yes!

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Just leaving this here.

The common theme in most of these threads vs “AFK farmers” is that there is no real competition for the farmers. They can do what they do with little concern of being destroyed, but will only do so because they can “harvest” whatever they are there for (be it resources, bounties etc). They have lost the rate of returns, but made up for it by maximizing time (and/or numbers).

If you want to rid these farmers and cannot muster the dps to destroy them outright, then you could simply choose to remove or reduce their gains. In this specific case you could easily fit a ship (or ships) and take the bounties for yourself thus denying the farmer his harvest. It would require dedication and time to complete, but I guarantee you will succeed in the end if you so endeavor.

Have you tried removing his drones?