Stop supporting AFK farming cancer

Rewarding AFK play is **** game design.


I am going to do that today, but it won’t destroy him. Shooting his drones is literally the only thing that actually allows interfering with him, because when bumped he slowly re-approaches his spot and ganking him repeatedly costs hundreds of millions of ISK and can’t be kept up.

He’ll be easily able to replace his Orca thanks to insurance and that massive stack of money he must have. The best part is that people in here don’t even remember that he might as well be an RMTer who sells a huge stack of money every once in a while, without botting, which means he completely falls out of CCPs radar.

The best part here is that you may as well be.

Now I’m wondering if COSMOS sites should work like mining/ice anomalies, or maybe gas sites?

Frakking hell, how much EHP is that going to give him? I realize the Abyssal booster will be highly variable, but can someone give me a rough estimate?

Even if all of this is true, I would agree with the OP’s assertion that players shouldn’t be able to accomplish things like ratting and farming while AFK.

Don’t you work for CODE.? I thought they were supposed to be space-rich and have a functionally limitless supply of ganking Catalysts and Coercers for their members to use?

Wow, that sucks. Sorry to hear about that.

But some players - myself included - don’t think this particular method of ISK optimization should be a viable one and the fact that it is viable is poor game design.

I would personally prefer that all methods of AFK mining and ratting be replaced with more fun and engaging systems rather than have CCP just remove them, on the basis that EvE is a sandbox and having less stuff to do is just as bad as people “playing” the game AFK.

Think of it this way; you’ve got a bunch of kids in a huge sandbox with a wide selection of toys for them to play with. One of the toys is making things less fun for everyone in ways both direct and indirect, but it’s so useful in the sandbox that no one who has it is willing to stop using it, even if some of the users recognize that it’s detracting from the fun.

The quick and easy solution would be to take away the toy in question, but that would make a bunch of kids upset with you because they don’t like things being taken away from them. A better solution is to find a replacement toy(s) that accomplish the same thing in ways that don’t detract from the fun.

Some of the kids will still complain, but their complaints will be less shrill and with the new toy(s) there will be incentive for them to play instead of just pitching a fit.

…it’s a pretty vague analogy, I know, but it’s the best I could come up with on short notice.[quote=“Scoots_Choco, post:17, topic:195086”]
The guy is AFK and managed to trigger someone enough that they made a forum post about it. I’d say that’s pretty efficient.

Wait, are you two actually agreeing on something?

Sounds like she’s planning to come back with friends, that just takes time and effort to accomplish.

@Solecist_Project, any word about our AFK friend?

If they are not at there computer, gank them.

If it’s really that upsetting to you I recommend bumping it 500 km off and just taking their drones.

As a rough estimate, I have nfi what the SB was rolled with/against so picked best ‘std’ one and assumed perfect skills.

~330k EHP, lowest shield resist in EM… which is fine until you hit structure, and reps… a bit, assuming he’s not hopped up on drugs… which strangely is less than the ‘anti-gank’ orca I’ve seen posted about the place (~200k EHP less)… so I guess that’s good?

How about a module that’s an inverse Cyno, i.e. instead of warping the fleet to you, it sends someone somewhere else (like CCP do with the botters in null, moving em to Jita)… then you could woosh this ship to ‘not high sec space’ and take your time killing it with a T1 crystal’d Oracle :slight_smile:

AFK gameplay is bad, mmmkay!



So basically a freighters worth of HP, wierd how Kusion can solo it with 24 catalysts. Even weirder is how everyone who is butthurt over AFK cant fly catalysts worth 5ish million with overheated guns and faction ammo. Pretty sure there are more than 24 butthurts, if only they were pointed in the same direction and willing to take a minor loss together for each orca. If you can’t do it, shows your more of a loud complainer then a doer.

Spotted the RMTing, afkfarming cancer who doesn’t even have a face.

Spotted the lead whining butthurt OP leader who can’t solve the problem first themselves. And mad about an old portrait with 56,469 skillpoints from 2009 like you are "I am right and your wrong, cause you have no face so your opinion cause no portrait so “yeah” " . You have my opinion, doesn’t matter how much you “think” your whine has more weight just because your 4.5 years younger with a fake pixel face in a virtual world that isn’t real.

I know how tough EVE was, before you even created your character. Unless you are hiding behind an alt character you use besides your main :roll_eyes:.

And I hate mining with a passion, it should be erased from EVE and the SP not refunded for making the wrong choice.

Hulkaggedon of old

^^ see, someone was smashing hulks. Orcas occasionally at the time, in groups.

See, EVE has this thing called emergent game play. You too can do a Hulkaggedon or a James 315 CODE act (or you must be too afraid to be social and start a corp). Now, instead of whining about a problem you perceive as CCP gave Orcas that drone bonus and doesn’t care too much about being AFK so long as its not automated programs, lets face it you can AFK in a station and I don’t care if they are being reward checking your market orders every 5 minutes or just doing nothing while alt tabbing to watch cat videos on Youtube while waiting for friends to log on. AFK is AFK in my opinion, but there is nothing I can do about what someone else does in a station, but it is possible to destroy the AFK person when they undock.

My opinion is your opinion isn’t worth a dog turd, but you have the option to solve the problem yourself. You don’t, won’t, or can’t. Your complaining about HighSec of all things, so you must be in HighSec being rewarded with the least about of effort for the crappiest reward. Highsec has been nerfed so much you barely make any reward besides marketing in Jita (and mining in HS is like minimum wage, lowest pay out considering null). It requires more effort to make more reward in HS, such as multiple Orcas in some other thread with yet again someone whining about a problem in HS.

Orcas, they got as much HP as a freighter (so, a dude alt tabbing 24 accounts would have 23 AFK accounts? he is technically not controlling each account for several seconds would be AFK by your definition further clarified) and Orcas are not invincible meat shields with millions of HP like a titan.

I wouldn’t mind seeing orcas destroyed, to prove your point how stupid its to AFK. I love seeing mayhem and carnage.

On the other hand you can solve the problem which I encourage you to do, cause juicy killmails and creating “emergent gameplay” allows you to cause someone else misery while making friends from being social and loosing cheap destroyers in the process. Otherwise I see just a bunch of whiners and cowards who are afraid to take it hit to sec status, afraid of losing cheap ships, afraid of CONCORD retribution and must rely on Mommy CCP to solve your perceived problems.

And I am sorry for the wall of text. I want to see destruction, action, and more then someone going “CCP, you HAVE TO FIX THIS!” when its not an exploit like the recent cloak detection during Black Out or the new nerfed deep, deep, DEEP safes from Emerging Conduits (your capacitor reaches zero, you never reach it, and the closest celestial is on the other side of the global map). AFK problems? Pfft, enough DPS can solve anything outside being docked up. <-- words spoken by Kusion in an interview I saw.

In the past, this actually was officially regarded as a violation, but the security team is as AFK as the farmers anymore.


Thanks, it’ll get added to the initial post.

Increase the availability of the BPCs/manufacture items in normal data site loot tables. Delete COSMOS sites entirely. It’s ancient abandonware that’s never going to see any iteration.

Unfortunately, that sounds more realistic than reworking the COSMOS sites and missions to fit with the current game. It’s a pity, I really want to do missions that focus on the ancient civilizations of New Eden and discover new lore about them. EvE’s lore is what finally drew me in, and I’m so damned hungry for more of it!

And does anyone else think that some of the storyline modules really need to be recategorized, not just rebalanced? The “Basic” modules seem more like they belong in the meta category rather than being special limited-availability modules.

As this isn’t a feature or idea, I’m going to close it. Thank you.

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