I need smartbomber assistance

hello! i have a problem that must be handled with precision… found some orca pilot doing very bad thing for some time,he was bumped for long distance from initial location but was not responding… we need to see if he is automated or not by smartbombing his drones…

I cant wait to find out how well we did.

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You can do that all by yourself within a rather short amount of time.
At worst you need an alpha and a destroyer.

You don’t need to be dependent of others to do things you can do yourself just fine.

PS: All you really need is a propmod, webs and turrets … and making sure CONCORD’s not on grid. Smartbombing is a nice touch, but asking for a failure. You could as well simply bump him far enough out of range to simply loot his drones.

i need 2-4 extra pilots so we can suicide on his drones untill he runs out of them and leave him to die to rats… there always spawn some cruisers and scram/web frigs. hes doing static combat site… i already brought smartbomb omen but would be nice to have 2-4 more smartbombing pilots on stand-by after i blap orca drones,then rinse and repeat untill his drone bay is empty and observe his behavior.

Submit a report to CCP


its possible a bot but what would you know? Thats up to CCP and the report ability.

If dude is just chilling while afking and watching Netflix, he is just afk. High hitpoints with shields + DCU, mining drones, high sec system number…its like its harder to prevent you from ganking him without help while dude watches Game of Thrones but you want to gank and complain about a single individual you can’t touch easily.

Just chat up your friendly neighhood jerk-offs and assemble the A-Hole team when you need assistance with nobody on the forums to turn to. Who you gonna call? G̵h̵o̵s̵t̵b̵u̵s̵t̵e̵r̵s CODE!

So being AFK is ok with you? You want to play a game where being AFK is how the game is played? Maybe you should check out Farmville?

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well reporting to CCP is double-sword… we can be right or not in second case ccp will reprimand for false report… thus i want to be sure and need those assistants to smartbomb target drones and observe target behavior… bumping works only for 3 minutes… … by talking to others in same system,there was few people that tried to ride that orca away but he keeps returning… no hes not pure afk,hes automated but we want to be sure before sending report.

They only reprimand for abuse not for not knowing 100%

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this orca pilot is farming goru shuttle for whole time. cargo scanning the orca actually revealed the truth,evryone can come and see it. its just another cosmos farming farmer…

edit. we found that he is not bot so correcting this. but still falls under eula/tos as he is constantly farming that cosmos site and according to one of dev blogs this issue was adressed and is agaist rules.