I need smartbomber assistance

There’s a Gila pilot behind that Museum Gate,
which I can’t enter without a higher level of Archeology.
I’ll look into that.

I guess there’s the next asshole that needs to get spanked.

orca afker is in otitoh again,he was off for short time due to typhoon invasion.

i have scanned his ship for fittings and

high slots
drone link augmentor
small tractor beam

mod slots
adaptive invulnerability field t2
medium abyssal shield booster
pithum c type kinetic deflector
upgraded em ward amplifier t1
upgraded c type thermal amplifier

low slots
damage control t2
drone damage amplifier t2

large core defense field extender t1
large core defense field extender t1
capacitor control circuit t1

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In windows ten there’s a program called snipping tool,
that allows you to cut out screenshots.

Hit the Windows Key, type snipping and it should show up.
Makes it easier to share such information.

That fitting is accurate, it’s what I’ve scanned as well.

What do you mean with typhoon invasion?
Please describe what happened.

he had power outage due to typhoon.

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How do you know?

he disappeared from local twice without leaving system and theres typhoon near japan

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Interesting, thanks!

did you cargo scan his orca too? some items are interessing there.

Not yet, I’ve been checking out other farmers.
Over a hundred jumps in two days.

then go check otitoh farmer. you will be suprised within few hours when he fills up. right now his cargo is approx 200mil and rising

That’s weird, because I don’t see him moving at all and he doesn’t have an MTU.

he has lost the mtu before.

Hey, I’m in Ideron right now and I’m wondering what’s here to farm,
because I don’t see any public sites.

beacon sites none?

There only was one site which was a mining operation site.
You know the stuff CCP introduced many years ago, which most people are ignoring.

my mistake,it was not iderion but the other system where was 2 or 3 beacon sites and they were farmable as there used to be vni/ishtar for weeks but didnt see it,he moved to zimse. by the way there was somewhere system with labirynth site with drake or drake navy farming it day after day but hes nomore by now. so far only zimse,otitoh,otomainen. also friggi has something going on.

when i have more time i will check inder where are big rat spawns and tons of data/relic cans but site only cruiser sized.

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Great! :smiley:

someone recently blasted his mtu. sent friend to scout and he found approx 28 shuttles in his cargo at midnight yesterday,today after downtime he was empty,now he fills up again.

how many suicide leshaks would do the work?

You mean his depot? I’ve put that into reinforced mode,
but didn’t check up on it anymore.

Someone farmed it? Good!

I don’t know about the leshaks. I’d say that before you ramp up to full dps CONCORD will already have vaporized them, which makes this a rather expensive … and fruitless … exercise.

concord respond in 20-25s because otitoh is 0.5 leshal full power is after 12th cycle so approx 17 cycles before concord burn the leshak. since he has exp resist hole it could work. after risk vs gain - definietly 30 catalysts would do the trick.

an wingspan guy killed his mtu https://zkillboard.com/kill/79380014/