70 man bot fleet from null sec since blackout

Alright all you lucky people, i have recent joined a corp in a pocket since my return. and since the Blackout happened a 70 man bot fleet has moved into the ice system in the pocket where he strip mines everything

It is a fleet of almost 70 procs with a freighter, porpoise, orca, and a couple of cruisers

i know they are a bot as:

  1. dt to dt operation in the area
  2. the entire fleet focuses on 1 asteroid, during dt of the ice belt it wipes out moon belts and all asteroid belts

he uses a couple of stations from a null sec alliance for his own moon mining, while we have 20-30 people of the corp reporting all the characters.

im working on scanning the fits since my corp mates messed around and didnt get the scan because they had to kill a rat, but looking at the fleet theres no hardners or shields going.

Due to the ships being in a ball im looking at smartbombing the fleet aswell im currently organizing a gank fleet for the freighter and orca aswell.

what should i be looking for to drop on this fleet? and status loss seems like i should drop to -10 really fast.

  1. Support ticket.
  2. Friends. Bubble here and there. You will end with many ducks on shooting range.
  1. already been doing bot reports and tickets
  2. bubbles in high sec?

The way you worded it made it appear as though you were talking about this as occurring in nullsec.

Can you post names?

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Simply bump the Orca and the freighter away. They need the Orca to move the ore to the freighter, if you bump them away their whole fleet will probably fall apart.

See if code wants to help get the free kills heh.

By “free kills” you mean OP or you will provide the gank equipment?

If u think is a bot report that to CCP with all evidence u have/think u have.

U should not make a public post showing the in-game names of ur alleged botter. There is a chance that is a legit player (that is up to CCP to decide, not u) … u can get a temporary ban for harassment if he reports u.

with your gang. 20 identically fitted scorpions, with Large Smartbombs warp to center of the fleet and boom. also as previously suggested bump the orca and freighter out of the belt

Mining in high sec should give a suspect flag.



Mining lasers should be able to target modules


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heh neither, they also have enough money and do it for fun anyway…

CODE. is not your personal gank service. I think you have to deal with this on your own

Really? Could you elaborate, or it’s just a trolling statement? If so would you mind if I flag your post?

What’s to elaborate on? You’re poaching ore from empire-owned space.

You probably don’t even have a CODE enforcement mining permit, let alone mineral rights from the empires.


I guess they failed to respect code so where is the issue? Where is hisec police?

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Not only should mining lasers cause module damage, if the asteroid burns away they should keep going if not turned off and become navigational hazards.

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Reported for weaponized flagging. Enjoy!