70 man bot fleet from null sec since blackout

FacPo investigate crimes against normies not capsuleers.

CONCORD is who you should address your Notice of Concern to. They seem to have set the rules. They maybe able to explain the reasoning.

You still haven’t read the Code I see. CODE. enforces the Code wherever and whenever they like and not when some butthurt miner thinks it would be convenient. You are all entirely at CODE.'s mercy at all times.

So let’s just enable OP to help himself by educating him how to bump and slaughter his competition. OK?

Bump the freighter(s) first, and continuously. It is the easiest target to bump and will plug up the rest of the mining group trying to clear their ore holds.


Code is everyone’s personal gank service.

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already did that, he is on from dt to dt and in the belts all 70+ barges solo focus 1 asteroid and responds to being locked. we’ve done tickets, we’ve done the report bot thing.

my corp has now canceled my my ganking op for this weekend as the guy is from a null sec corp that we just got word they will put up 100+ citadels in the pocket we are at. so now my corp have lost their balls after a week of various plans due to the null sec alliance would turn around and come at us.

so this thread can be closed

Pretty sad, there is a lot you can do on your own and we already mentioned how you could go about it. You know it could very well be that this is no bot and you just bailed to another gamer you could easily beat. You don’t have to use you main to disturb his operations. A bumping alt is trained in no time.

i just spent an hour bumping the freighter in my rohk. i bumped the noctis and it started auto tractoring all of its can to the new location as i bumped it along until the freighter arrived, theres no delay in the beams, and it just burned over to the freighter and retractored everything again.

even if i do make a alt to bump it theres still the orca aswell and the massive spinning mass of procs.

ive lost the support of my corp after they learned the alliance that moved refineries in is going to be putting refineries on every moon in the pocket with over 100 refinaries. the corp is probably going to get cleared out as all my members just laid down arms after talking all their smack about how we were going to gank the provi and orca.

in the past few hours it has cleared a whole moon belt and is now moving to the ice field where it will kill the ice in 1-2 hours.

I think you need to buy new pair of balls for your corp. Because they forget their own.

Sounds like you need new friends.

Plenty of folk around here you can contact.

I even know a few ice belts that hardly anyone seems to use.

This is the effect of Blackout that all highseccers cheered out.
If the cost/profit of mining in null is bad (too many escavator drones lost to bombs) what do u think all those Rorq pilots will do? They will come to HS, and create standing mining fleets: 1 Orca + 255 Hulks in every belt! And I doubt any ganker will come for them, risking to lose their citadels to a null sec power block.

I say it’s time for a revolution!

Based on what?

TBH, that’s not a null sec power bloc. Those guys are renters to a null sec power bloc. Nobody of any significance is going to come to high sec to wage war on their behalf. Last I heard they were struggling to make rent so babysitting them isn’t really a priority, I’d imagine.

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my corp has formed a nap with the 300 man corp, they will take every moon we dont have a refinary one and leave us 1 asteroid belt a system yeah im done because that means the mining fleet will be done after starting as theres nothing i can do as 1 person

cant out mine
i can only bump 1 of the ships
it doesnt look like i can smartbomb a fleet of procs with 1 ship
ganking 1 ship with something like a bc would cost more than it would effect

You must be mistaken. Ganking is super easy and free. At least that is what all the carebears tell us constantly on this forums.


Sweet intel, a humble suggestion, “A smart bombers fleet” have you done it already? if not, please call in game, we definitely shall get some fun bashing it.

Unfortunately, Code is a necessary evil in this game. They cull out the weak.

“The weak are the most treacherous of us all. They come to the strong and drain them. They are bottomless. They are insatiable. They are always parched and always bitter. They are everyone’s concern and like vampires they suck our life’s blood.” -Betty Davis

I have no problem with Code. I fly fits/in fleets that they wont attack. Code problem solved.

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I love it! lol

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