Can CCP do anything with the hi-sec ice mining bots

In almost every ice available system in hisec I’m seeing bot fleet operating 23/7.
There have been detailed report on reddit but was
never solved. Despite the effort of forming proper fleet to fight against them, some corner systems are hard to reach and people generally doesn’t care or not even notice.

To give you an idea how much these bots can earn, each day they harvest the belt 4 times, each is at least 600 mil ISK worth, so thats 2.4 billion per day (72 bil per month). The bot subbed around 20 accounts per system for both mining and ganking, so that’s 42 billion cost per month as per PLEX price before blackout. The gross profit is 30 bil per month PER SYSTEM, if those go into RMT, it’s earning 150 USD per month PER SYSTEM w/o any actual effort. As far as I’ve noticed there are no less than 10 systems getting occupied, so that’s at least a net 1.5 grand per month, enough to pay for a single man’s living.

The best I can hope is there being a small dedicated GM team checking ice belt raondomly to perma ban them; the second best solution would be ask for ice becoming cosmic signatures that needs to be scanned down so low-end bots would not be able to access them; the third would be cancelling static ice anomaly and just make them spread through whole new eden, much like how combat anomalies do. It can be a static count of spawn in a region, for instance, always 4 in The Forge, instead of spawning only in the 4 specific systems.


they claim they do a lot of banning, last ccp here said in 1 quarter they banned something like 30k accounts. ive never noticed any ive reported get banned and theres 1 guy that live streamed some bots.

We should instead nerf highsec mining yields. Reduce the amount of minerals in belts, and force people to go to lowsec!

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They clearly aren’t drinking enough.

Nice trolling.


Report them…

You now get an alert if the person you reported is banned for bottling.



these belts should have been randomly distributed in whole of high sec as scannable anomalies long time ago. As comet sites.

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Because that worked so well with the Rorquals in Null sec. Oh wait, it completely crashed and overturned the economy, lead to massive fun destroying and annoying capital and super capital proliferation (in combination with the stupid upwell structures, of course) and in general means less enjoyment for everyone involved. Great idea.

How about we leave High sec alone? It already has virtually 0 impact on the mineral markets compared to powerhouses like Delve, Branch, Esoteria and Fountain.

Bumper mining are slacking off.

Better yet, they can go into Frigate only WH, and mine ice. Then the Endurance might actually get used.


Is there Ice in WHS?

I have also noticed this as i mine ice with 3 acct… It is good isk if you can avoid botting fleets. There are also some that bot with even 2 acct(s) (orca & exhumer) as i patiently watched for over an hour a guy cycle his harvesters on the same ice rock when they cut off at the end of each cycle over and over. then you also have the afk orca fleets that warp in pick a separate rock then afk.

As I said, i do also mine ice with three acts for the isk. i do not plex my accounts and pay for 3 subs out of my own pocket (i work). have played eve off and on for awhile and I still have much to learn about the game. I do agree ice mining in high sec should be looked at. its boarderline exploit as its even better than some moon mining. I have other means of making isk. i wouldnt be upset to see it brought to low sec along with moon mining.


At least Ice Anoms should cease to be static (location and spawn timers) - make them spawn in random systems (within a region, with the limitation that HS ice anom will only spawn in HS, etc)!


The more i think about it the more i think all ice belts and moon upwells need to go. especially ice belts. get em out of high sec. The moon upwells can go too but its not near as consistent as ice whoring extreem bot craze. thank you for your time.

if they do decide to keep some in high sec, make them a sig that resets 12 hours after the belt is depleted (instead or every 4 hours) in random systems.

This is untrue.



They were

People thought scanning was too hard and complained and it got changed as part of the anom reshuffle.

Apparently now bumping bots out of range is too hard

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Mechanics that are easily automated should have been changed long time ago. Missions, ratting, mining. Everything.

And the effort and skill should have been rewarded, not automation and mindless grind.

1 What effort and skill?

2 Rewarded in what way?

Calm down miner.