Ice Mining Bot Report

Since the “Report Bot” button in-game doesn’t seem to do anything, and we’ve reported bots dozens of times, I’m resorting to a forum post.

There are half a dozen mining bot softwares that seem to be current with Eve. I think the blackout in nullsec has driven some of the mining bots to highsec. What we observe is dozens of toons whose names have a first name that is an all-caps face<->keyboard interaction, and a game-generated surname. The characters were all 1-day old when they showed up, flying retrievers with T2 mods.

We know it’s a bot because the bot:

  1. Stays in the ice belt after it de-spawns, and often gets stuck with its fleet floating outside a station.
  2. Makes a conga line between its Orca and retrievers. The retrievers will auto-warp to the Orca once they get 150km away. We tested this repeatedly by bumping one 150km off and watching it warp to the Orca.
  3. Bots do not respond to convos, talking in local, or being ganked.
  4. After being ganked, the bot toon will sit in the ice field in his pod, trying to mine with a pod?
  5. Members of the bot do not respond to combat ships in the belt, being targeted, being bumped, or being ganked. Other members of the bot will continue to mine, ignoring the one that got ganked.
  6. We watched the idle bot floating in space, and observed it coming to life and warping to station when certain other characters (flying a hauler to collect his loot) came into system.
  7. Once we identified the bot’s operator, he bragged at making 20M/hr by doing this.

The mining bots we’ve identified are:
E ASDF Erkkinen
BDFGG Outamon
GHAASDF Taranogas
CAFGHGH Ichinumi
DTYYY Heleneto
EAFDGG Tsutola
F AADDD Yotosala
21 e
FOOOA Toralen
EAEAEA Hanomaa
52 yuan
SSSS Momaki

All were members of the corp BAD dogS or Burning Blade I for a hot minute. Some are now in a corp heimeiyao yihuei.

The bot’s operator is laiba shaonian who for some insane reason, puts his plans in his bio, including the latest plan to move to Actee, and attempts to operate in Teonusude and Endrulf. We suspect the bot accounts might be shared by multiple people, and/or multiple individuals involved in havesting and then selling the ice (this would be one reason to put the bot’s info in the bio). laiba shaonian was seen hauling in a Bustard, and as soon as she docked the bots floating in space came to life. The parent corp is bbc xiqian. It seems they’ve rented space from multiple nullsec corps and were botting there until the blackout. Nullsec people I’ve spoken to seem to confirm this. See also the toon shaonian laiba who seems to be involved in the same.

CCP: deal with this. And respond to bot reports. Those of us that pay for our accounts don’t appreciate bots PLEXing, and it eats into CCP’s bottom line.


Yep can confirm about these bots in this report. They had auto accept fleet invite on or something, because we managed to get them into fleet and warp them around all day long so we could mine the belts freely, untill the operator found out later that day and fixed it up. however it was fun while it lasted warping a 12 man fleet around to random sites for fun.


warp the fleet into a nearby trig swarm next time. Ashes to ashes…


If CCP did something about the off-game trading of PLEX, bots would have no reason to be.
There are entire websites not affiliated with CCP dedicated to trading PLEX for cash. I find that completely nuts and unacceptable.
PLEX should be available from CCP only.
I don’t understand why they let that happen without coming up with a solution.
When a game is infiltrated by player greed to the point that its in-game currency is traded by third parties, it turns off a lot of players. Then they wonder why new players don’t stay.
No one wants to play a rigged game.

Makes me think twice about paying for Omega. What’s the point?


The report Bot button doesn’t seem to work. I’ve reported the SAME bots farming LP in ventures over a dozen times.

Why not disallow ventures from entering plexes? It’s the simplest solution of all, and the funcionality is already there for all I know.

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Isn’t naming a banable behavior?

If it’s bots, I don’t think it should be.

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But it is…beeing wrong for something good is not good at all…minus X minus is not plus in this case…

Get bots out of the game, then there will be no naming of names.

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This is no excuse for naming…

It is a very GOOD excuse for naming.

no it’s not…rules are rules…as long as this rules are active you have no right to ignore it…otherwise you have to face the consequences…

If I had even an inkling of a shadow of a doubt…I wouldn’t name names. If “report bot” did anything at all…I wouldn’t name names. If CCP wants to ban for naming instead of confirming the evidence posted, then they’re more interested in protecting bots, and I don’t want to play this game. Naming on my part is a drastic step only taken after other methods failed.


Your doubts or the lack of it are not relevant at all…naming is prohibited…

Why should we let cheaters ruin a game for others? There’s no reason for it.

Cheaters should be named and paraded in a Thread Of Shame.

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Because ccp said so…

Obey the rules or face the consequences…it’s as easy as i state it…

CCP should obey their own rules and get rid of bots. Period.

Bots are everywhere. I see the same characters in the same systems for the same insanely long amount of time, day in and day out.
Ore prices make no sense. Compressed ore is worth much more than the same amount of uncompressed ore, at least according to the value when I check my ore hold.
For some reason CCP has never allocated sufficient resources to fighting bots, which indicates to me that it is tolerated to some degree.
Lastly, there is no reason to believe CCP is not involved in selling Plex on third-party sites. They “print” the Plex, and if there is money to be made, why not? Thinking that CCP only sells plex on their sites and nowhere else is naive.

There is no need to discuss this…

CCP sets the rules and you have to obey…

Neither your opinion nor your excuses are relevant…

All you can do is obey or leave…

Hey, good job there defending the bots.